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DeKalb County continues incentivized vaccinations as 2nd boosters arrive

DeKalb County continues incentivized vaccinations as 2nd boosters arrive
A man receives an incentivized COVID-19 vaccination in DeKalb County, Georgia. (Photo credit: Rashad Milligan for rolling out)

DeKalb County, Georgia, continued its incentivized set of vaccines on April 2, 2022, at Pleasantdale Elementary.

At the event, Clare Schexnyder, DeKalb County Commission Vaccine Response liasion, spoke with rolling out about the county’s continued effort to get residents vaccinated.

With mask restrictions being lifted across the country and the number of COVID hospitalizations decreasing, how important is it to be vaccinated and boosted?

I think it’s important for all of us to get vaccinated because the more of us that are vaccinated, the less likely [the virus] can mutate.

We already know that Asia and Europe have really high cases and our counts are going up. Our hospitalizations always follow that. We’ve got to keep getting people vaccinated, especially our kids because Omicron is more contagious but less viral. It really doesn’t make as bad of an infection, but it can still put you in the hospital and we know people are still dying from it.

It’s really important to be vaccinated, just so that you’re protected against what’s next.

You all at DeKalb County have been doing this work for a long time and were recently recognized at the Good Trouble Awards. What keeps you going?

Events like today make my heart happy. It’s just really nice to make sure that we’re getting kids and family members their first vaccination and giving $100 to folks.

They really need it right now, and it makes a difference. It makes it more likely they’ll come out and get their second shot, or a booster.

We are giving out boosters now for second shots for anyone over age 50. I think we’re seeing a lot of those folks coming in now because we want to make sure that we just keep our protection.

Just to clarify, you said second boosters for anybody over the age of 50?

That’s right. Second booster for anyone over the age of 50. It’s really recommended for people over 65. Then, over age 50 for anyone who is immunocompromised [has a weak immune system].

It’s what the nation is doing. I am going to get mine, and I’m also going to get a $100 cash card. So that’s a good thing.

If I don’t live in DeKalb County and I want an incentivized vaccine, can I come in and get one?

DeKalb will vaccinate anyone who comes to us. All you need is your vaccine card and an ID. You can totally come and get your vaccination and we will give you $100. We’re doing our part to make metro Atlanta safe.

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