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Jadakiss reveals why he didn’t like ghostwriting for rap mogul

The New York rapper didn’t have the best experience writing verses for others
Jadakiss reveals why he didn't like ghostwriting for rap mogul
(Image source: Instagram – @jadakiss)

It’s no secret that some rappers have a person behind the scenes writing their rhymes. Sometimes, ghostwriters are not asked if they enjoy what they do.

That’s the question that started the conversation when Jadakiss was on “The Personal Party Podcast” and was asked about his skills as a ghostwriter and whether he enjoyed it. One of the bad experiences Jadakiss recounted was with Diddy.

“I really hated it,” Jadakiss said during the podcast. “After giving [Diddy] ‘All About the Benjamins,’ ‘Señorita,’ ‘Victory,’ a couple of remixes, I used to feel like it was taking away too much of me. I ain’t know how to morph.”

Jadakiss and Diddy had two different styles of rapping, which made it difficult for him to pen verses.

“It ain’t like he a n—- that I knew my whole life that I can just scribe him how I think he should be,” Jadakiss continued. “I ain’t feel like I could write the bars for myself and give it to him, because I ain’t feel like it fit him. He had too much money. My mind couldn’t think of that much Versace or being on that type of financial level.”

Jadakiss said that even though he was conflicted, Diddy still wanted the verses.

“He just used to tell me, ‘Give me the s— that you would say for you,'” Jadakiss said. “I’m like, ‘It ain’t gon’ fit for you.’ He used to know how to make it work.”

The songs that Jadakiss mentioned that he wrote for Diddy ended up being classics, so it seems as though he did make it work after all.

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