Singer Nia Sultana is walking in her power with new EP

New York native has big dreams
Singer Nia Sultana is walking in her power with new EP
Photo courtesy of Nia Sultana

Nia Sultana exudes a peace that only comes from someone who knows their purpose and is walking in it. The Brooklyn, New York, native has been navigating the industry with the poise of a veteran and has garnered the attention of industry heavyweights like Rick Ross who performs on her new single, “Proven.” Sultana’s music is elevated by the fact that she understands working in concert with the universe. She connects through her vulnerability as she empowers her listeners with choices and enlightenment. Rolling out spoke with Nia Sultana about the importance of spirituality in her music and her new EP, Bigger Dreams. 

Why is it important for you to be aligned with your creativity?

Being in alignment is feeling like I’m in the right space, feeling like I’m on the right path, I’m 100 percent sure of myself. I can feel the difference in my body when I’m not walking in alignment with what’s meant for me. If I’m thinking in doubt or in ways and thought patterns that are old and no longer meant for me, I can feel myself shifting out of that.

What inspired this EP and what are you delivering with this project?

I would say I was really inspired by not only where I come from, but where I’m going. I really tried to put in Easter eggs of both. My dad is [on] the EP and he’s talking a lot about his own journey and like his paradigm and what created him and made him. Then it goes into and creates who I am and what makes me. Songs like “Proven” and “Ambiance” are talking about walking into my power and coming to terms and understanding who I am. And I really like tapping into all of those things because when we’re moving forward, as people, I feel like we start to come to terms with where we come from. As I was making this, there were a lot of subconscious messages that I wouldn’t really realize until the project was done. Now when I listen back to Bigger Dreams myself, I’m still learning so much.

What does being in your power look like?

To me, it’s knowing who you are, walking into the room and claiming it, going for your goals and not second-guessing. It’s not allowing men to speak above you and feel like they have to tell you who you are and who to be like.

What is your sense of the energy that is floating around R&B these days?

I feel like people are getting very experimental, and it’s not always the traditional way of doing things. I feel like the sounds of things are evolving. I love classic R&B like 702 and SWV. I feel like it’s really important for the new generation to take what inspires us and make it our own. I’m excited for where it’s going.

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