Juan Farmer turns a passion for nightlife into a signature Atlanta eatery

Former Atlanta nightlife personality Juan Farmer transitions penchant for parties into a passion for food.
Juan Farmer turns a passion for nightlife into a signature Atlanta eatery
Juan Farmer (Sea Salt Restaurant)

Juan Farmer has an undeniable presence in Atlanta’s nightlife that spans over two decades.

Farmer is one of the city’s definitive cool kids collaborating with various club owners over the years to create the Atlanta nightlife vibe that contributes to the city’s claim on influencing culture. Farmer says his passion for nightlife came from an innate ability to connect with people and to create an experience.

Rather than accept that all good things eventually come to an end, Farmer believes they can evolve into greater things and that’s why he decided to create a more age-appropriate venue with unlimited longevity.

Instead of continuing to promote events or even open a nightclub, Farmer took his ability to connect with the public and his family’s penchant for good food and created Atlanta’s newest seafood obsession, Sea Salt.

Rolling out caught up with Farmer at the opening of his second restaurant loung location just north of midtown Atlanta.

You’ve been a staple in Atlanta’s entertainment and night life scene for decades. What made you decide to move into the restaurant space as opposed to a club or lounge?  

I realized I was being boxed in [by the] club scene. Times are changing and I’m at a different place in my life. I realized I wanted to expand [and] figure out what was the next move. I didn’t want to be the old dude in the club partying with young kids.
Before the pandemic Atlanta wasn’t a city known as much for cuisine options but there has been a surge of new eateries and restaurants connecting with culture. Do you see the city’s reputation changing?  
Yes, most definitely.  Atlanta is continuing to grow and expand in a lot of different ways.  For me it’s about taking that same energy that we were able to create in the clubs and the parties years ago and make it grown and sexy so it applies to the next stage. There’s nothing better than a place with good food and a great vibe.
Juan Farmer turns a passion for nightlife into a signature Atlanta eatery
Sea Salt restaurant specializes in seafood with soul

What is your personal favorite dish? 

That’s easy. For me it’s the fried lobster on top of baked lobster Mac and Cheese, but a lot of people love our seafood boil. It stands out like no other.

 You just opened a second location in Atlanta. Do you plan to open additional restaurants outside the city/state? 

We’re excited about this second location, it has the same feel, same seafood decor but it’s a bit more chic. God willing, taking the brand outside Georigia is the ultimate plan.  I envision Sea Salt locations everywhere.  But I can definitely see a Sea Salt near water … that would be dope!

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