Trending Christmas nails that work as an every day look

If you aren’t into the overly festive nails, then you’ll love these nail ideas
Trending Christmas nails that work as an every day look
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Christmas is almost here which means this is the time people are not only doing their last-minute shopping, but also finding time to squeeze in their beauty appointments. Although choosing the right hairstyle is important, picking the perfect nails for the holiday season can be equally important.

Many women may be over the cliché holiday nail looks and want to try something a little simpler. Some hope their nails can also double up as an everyday look. Here are five trending Christmas nails to try this year.

1. Santa Claus nails

Bright red nails are back in style but update the look by alternating between an entire painted nail and a French nail look. The Santa Claus hat on your nail will keep you looking festive without going overboard. It will make people look twice.

2. Christmas tree nails

Whether you are a Christmas tree lover or just love the snow, try this holiday nail look to switch up from the norm. You’ll be able to keep this nail look even after Christmas day.

3. Chrome nails 

These shiny nails are for the ladies that love to go all out for the holidays but don’t want to go with the standard red nails. This is one way to keep it sleek and sexy this holiday season.

4. Grinch nails

If you are feeling like a Grinch this year or just love the color green, here is a nail trend that fits the Christmas theme nicely without screaming holiday nails.

5. Snowflake nails

The “icy girls” will love this one. If you aren’t feeling the colors red, green, gold or white; try blue. It will put you in a festive mood and have you looking like you’re in the spirit for the holidays.

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