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Why Akon says he supports Nick Cannon having a boatload of kids

Akon thinks people shouldn’t be judgmental of Nick Cannon
Why Akon says he supports Nick Cannon having a boatload of kids
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Akon has not been shy about expressing how he feels about other celebrities, whether it’s good or bad. The artist’s most recent remarks were in defense of Ye West for praising Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

For the past few months, many people, including his babies’ mothers, have been calling out Nick Cannon for having so many kids and not being able to give them the time they need.

“Being a father of multiple kids, it’s always the biggest guilt on me is that I don’t get to spend enough time with all of my children. One, because I’m constantly working and two because I’m just spread thin,” Cannon said in an appearance on “The Checkup with Dr. Angus.”

In an interview on “The ZeZe Millz Show,” Akon, who has nine kids, spoke out about Cannon and said that the backlash that he’s receiving is uncalled for, and he shouldn’t be judged for how many kids he has.

“A man has his role. And a woman has her role. But the day the woman believes that the man is supposed to share her role with her, then that means she’s lacking,” Akon said. “I don’t go pull my wife out to the construction site to go pull nails and two-by-fours because that’s not her place.”

Akon continued to express his opinion on gender roles and implied that men don’t have time to be in the house all day.

“Just because you as a woman believe that that job is simpler in the house because that’s easier for a man, it’s a lot harder,” Akon said. “A guy ain’t got time to be in the house all day with no kids.”

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