Goddess Furs founder Kionna Alee sets no limits

Entrepreneur encourages you to break free and unlock your inner style
Kionna Alee, furrier, Goddess Furs, Fashion, Entertainment
Female furrier Kionna Alee, the owner of Goddess Furs, makes her mark in fashion. (Photo credit: Ricky Codio of www.Rickycodio.com)

Goddess Furs founder Kionna Alee believes that style has no limits or boundaries, and infuses this into her luxury fur coat line. Launched in 2022, the Goddess Furs collection includes puffers and trench coats with custom color patterns, and bright solids that meet the unique style of wearers. Goddess Furs’ mission is to provide the highest quality clothing, allowing customers to break free from the norms and unlock their inner style flair.   

With a background in fashion from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and the Art Institute of Philadelphia, Alee wants to bring back the nostalgic feeling of what it means to wear a luxury fur coat and add this timeless staple back to winter fashion must-haves. 

Rolling out recently talked to Alee about what inspires her, how she became a luxury furrier, and skills essential for designers in the future. 

How did you determine your career path?

My career path has changed throughout my life, but I’ve always stayed true to my entrepreneurial spirit. I have a background in fashion through my college education at FIT in NYC and the Art Institute in Philadelphia. FIT’s campus in the fur district of NYC attracted me to the industry. I bought myself my first fur coat at 18 — a red fox jacket with a matching headband, and I’ve been a collector ever since.

What inspires you to show up every day for work?

The feeling I get from putting a smile on a woman and seeing that confidence shine through when she experiences the glamour and luxury of owning a genuine fur coat. My ability to reassure them that they are worthy of the finer things in life and that they can and deserve to feel good pulls me forward. 

Describe the goal-setting methods and metrics that you use to evaluate your success.

I set goals based on providing high-quality luxury products. Success metrics have much to do with customer satisfaction, not just goods sold. The quality of goods and customer experience are the benchmarks of our success.

Describe the skill set you think will be essential to future business leaders and innovators.

I believe that craftsmanship and design innovation to accommodate the modern woman and times in fashion are essential for future business leaders.

What does community success mean to you based on what you do in the community? 

One furrier’s success is another’s in this community. Success is represented by the love and desire for furs in the fashion industry despite the backlash and modern cancel culture. There is still a desire for luxury furs in the fashion industry. 

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