Chicago radio legend AC Green discusses city’s mayor-elect

The media staple reacts to the city’s latest political news

AC Green is a staple in Chicago radio. Using his own resources to launch his show “The AC Green Show” in December 2008, his platform has grown to nearly 100,000 listeners.

Recently, rolling out asked Green what he thought of the city’s election of its newest mayor, Brandon Johnson.

What do you want to see Brandon Johnson do over the next four years?

I think that Brandon Johnson being elected is good on the one hand, but if we do not hold the administration accountable, it would mean nothing. One of the things I do with my radio show is trying to teach what I know about politics.

I could tell you right now if you don’t already know, politics is the movement of resources from the political side to the public side. If that doesn’t happen, it’s like you’re going to work your job, and on payday, you’re not getting a check. It’s a great thing, on the one hand, that Brandon Johnson [was] elected, but I do understand and watch who puts the money in. Until our community starts to select candidates, and they’re financially backing those candidates, we are never going to get the representation that we want. Never, because we don’t understand that equation. Whoever puts the money in, trust me, they’re going to get the lion’s share out of it.

I think Brandon, after hearing him talk in a room, and I love his vision, I loved his passion for his vision, but to pull the vision off in politics, the people who are backing you have to not distract you and pull you back from your vision because you know what they want to get at the end of the day. They want to get their money’s worth from putting millions into your campaign.

What I would suggest that Black folks do with Chicago [is] get involved. Go to city council meetings. When you see the brother’s back up against the wall, go and raise hell right because he’s going to be under tremendous pressure to do exactly what his backers are expecting [him] to do. But you have to make sure your voice [is heard]. … When my mom was in an Alzheimer’s care facility for some time, one thing we knew is if we didn’t go visit mom on a regular basis, then those who work there, they’re not going to care as much as we’re going to care. You have to do the same thing with your politics. If you want Brandon Johnson in Chicago to win, you’re going to show up because if you don’t, they’re going to take him.

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