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Shana Digital shares how she is helping to diversify the tech industry

Her platform ‘We Create Tech’ is helping to educate the youth about coding and virtual world development
Shana Digital shares how she is helping to diversify the tech industry
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Shana Digital is a tech entrepreneur and the owner of Bold Creative Brand, which specializes in branding, web design and marketing. Her second brand, We Create Tech, teaches Generation Z about the importance of STEM.

What is the biggest issue in the tech industry right now?

The biggest issue in the tech industry is [the] lack of diversity. We are still lagging in some aspects, so we need to learn more skills than just the surface ones. For example, data analytics, UX/UI design, mobile app development, cloud computing and cybersecurity. We are past the days of just learning Javascript.

What aspects of tech are you educating young people about?

We Create Tech is an educational disruptor, bringing a nontraditional approach to how Black and Brown students in underserved and underrepresented communities learn about music, technology, video production and virtual worlds. Through We Create Tech, students learn how to make music through coding, basics in video production, entrepreneurship, marketing, ownership in the music industry, and virtual world deployment and development. We Create Tech [currently] has one event under its belt where high school students had an opportunity to indulge in one part of the curriculum being developed for a formal launch. In partnership with a Georgia Tech University platform, students from ages 14 to 17 gathered to learn how to code and make beats. When a student finishes We Create Tech, they should have a credentialed badge, an enterprise-based business, and skills that are comparable to industry peers. They can choose an individual path or intertwine them all. I am taking all of my multidisciplinary experiences and presenting them.

What technology do you use for your business?

I can not live without my iPad. It helps me to stay organized and keeps my short-term tasks as well as notes all in one place. I also use Notion, which is like Google Drive on steroids. It helps me to keep all of my ideas, links, and files categorized in a way that helps me never lose a new idea or thought. I also really like Later. It helps with social media management by automatically posting content. Later really improves your quality of life when you are batch-creating content, and lastly Adobe Creative Cloud. I can not express how much I use these tools to function. I think that everyone should learn how to use a new Adobe tool every quarter.
What’s next for you?

I am working on a community for creatives with some amazing like-minded individuals that have more programming and partnership development for We Create Tech. I am looking for companies like OneTen and others to partner with me to provide the resources the students need, while my team and I teach them the skills. Lastly, I’m keeping connected with everyone through my website and providing the services they need through Bold Creative Brand.

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