Ne-Yo says he doesn’t care what you think of his ‘beautiful babies’ mamas’

The singer said he has too much money and women who love him to pay attention to the haters
Ne-Yo says he doesn't care what you think of his 'beautiful babies' mamas'
Ne-Yo (Photo credit: Bang/Splash news media)

R&B crooner and composer Ne-Yo ranted for his three million Instagram followers stating that he does not care what the public thinks about how he’s conducting his personal life.

“I just need the whole world to understand this,” the 43-year-old penned on his Instagram Story, according to Ace Showbiz. “Your opinions of me and my personal life don’t mean ANYTHING to me. My kids love me, my women love me. My future is bright as f**k!! I don’t even have time to concern myself with what y’all think. I feel like the father in ‘The Nutty Professor’. ‘You really think I be listening to you. ION BE LISTENING TO YOU!!’ ”

Ne-Yo has been catching a lot of flack for his actions leading up to and beyond his official divorce from his second wife Cristal Renay. Reports ran rampant that he had at least one mistress on standby with whom he financed her glam lifestyle. Renay also claimed that he had a baby by him, prompting her to finally end the marriage.

However, the man who penned a gang of club bangers songs for himself and as well as for the likes of Beyoncé and Rihanna with the Billboard No. 1 hits “Irreplaceable” and “Take a Bow,” respectively, said he is unbothered by the haters. He says his pockets are on full and his beautiful “baby mamas” love his dirty underwear.

“I might come from the Omarion school of unbotheredness,” Ne-Yo continued. “I hope everybody that needs to see this sees it. Cause I’ve already wasted too much time trying to let y’all know. Feel how you wanna feel about me. Imma still sleep comfortable as hell tonight and every night following. Meanwhile you mad cause I’m living….. Tf!?? How’s that working out for you…?”

Ne-Yo concluded the rant by adding: “Ok. Back to regularly scheduled program. Healthy, smart, and beautiful kids, limitless bank account, beautiful baby mama’s (Front [if] you want to. They all bad.)” He added, “And lady friends that love my dirty drawls. ‘Life is good…’ (Future voice).”

Ne-Yo says he doesn't care what you think of his 'beautiful babies' mamas'

Ne-Yo says he doesn't care what you think of his 'beautiful babies' mamas'

Some users blasted Ne-Yo for ranting despite the fact that he says he doesn’t pay attention to detractors. “That’s a lot of words for someone who doesn’t care,” one person wrote while another opined: “Unbothered.. and ranting.. I guess it’s upside down day..”

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