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JPMorgan Chase VP Edwina Mary talks about the benefits of technology

Executive is helping to build diverse talent pool at JPMorgan Chase

Edwina Mary is a JPMorgan Chase vice president and the new Atlanta Tech Center manager. Mary was present at the Corporate Night with JPMorgan Chase and the Georgia Tech Black Alumni Organization, where students and professionals gained a glimpse into the level and depth of tech platforms used at JPMorgan Chase while learning about the bank’s hiring process.

What are your day-to-day responsibilities?

My role is to create and execute our local strategy for our tech center. Obviously, we have a global technology strategy, and my focus is ensuring locally that we are driving towards that global strategy. That includes how we help our tech teams on our modernization journeys, where can we come in and help provide them accelerated training, opportunities to learn and grow, and also build an innovative and diverse culture within our tech center. In addition to that, building partnerships with great organizations such as the Georgia Tech Black Alumni Organization, getting the word out in the community about JPMorgan Chase, and finding ways for us to make an impact here.

How has technology impacted society?

It’s our day-to-day life. Everything you do, it can be from the alarm clock on your phone, to how you order your food. Instacart and Uber Eats are good examples, and also thinking about your banking, the economy, and how the world operates. For JPMorgan Chase, we really have to ensure that we’re staying innovative, and we’re really driving toward our modernization journey. Tech is here, tech is the future, and innovation is the future. We are here on the journey to ensure our customers are getting the best products possible.

How does JPMorgan Chase play a part in helping people find tech jobs?

I think one of the great takeaways is that no matter your experience level, we are here to help coach and guide our interns, employees and contractors. We are here to help everyone excel, do great, and learn. I’ve been with the company for 10 years and have grown my career here. Training classes are available and leadership classes are available to you. I think JPMorgan Chase strives to build that culture of learning, especially focusing on our diverse, strong talent. I think that’s a great part of why I’m here.

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