Prime Video releases film similar to Carlee Russell’s life?

They are calling the movie, ‘The Nurse That Saw the Baby on the Highway’
Prime Video releases film similar to Carlee Russell's life?
Carlee Russell (Image source: Facebook – Carlee Russell)

Amazon Prime Video recently released a movie on their platform called The Nurse That Saw the Baby on the Highway, and social media users are saying it is almost identical to Carlee Russell‘s infamous story. The description was also close to the actual events that occurred.

The streaming platform states, “Based on some true events, Nursing student Marlee Wilson is having problems with her boyfriend and his addiction to strippers. Feeling unwanted, Marlee calls 911 to make up a story of being kidnapped by a man and baby on the highway, making problems [worse]!”

As we know, Russell was also a nursing student who staged her kidnapping and lied about a baby being on the highway, which resulted in her alleged disappearance, only to find out later it was all to get her boyfriend’s attention.

Social media users quickly recognized the similarities and posted to their timelines about the laughable movie.

As we know, Russell’s story caused mass panic, which resulted in her being arrested and charged for falsely reporting to law enforcement officers and reporting an incident. This movie does not reference the actual story, but it seems like more than just a coincidence.
Her family has yet to respond.

Check out how people commented below.

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