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How Bevel celebrated 10 years of self-care for men on hip-hop’s birthday

The director of brand marketing described the inspiration behind the company

ONE Musicfest recently celebrated Black hair and 50 years of hip-hop with Bevel, a Procter & Gamble brand.

Bevel, an Atlanta-based, Black-founded men’s grooming brand, has been in business for ten years. During ONE Musicfest, which was on Oct. 28 and 29, Bevel provided free line-ups and trims from celebrity barbers, on-site demonstrations, and gift bags with samples.

Girard Hardy, Bevel’s director of brand marketing, spoke to rolling out about the inspiration behind their products.

What is the inspiration behind this brand?

About ten years ago, our founder [Tristan Walker] sought a way to improve the shaving experience. Instead of trying to find something that someone else was making, he decided to create our first product: a single-blade safety razor designed to reduce and eliminate razor bumps from shaving irritation. [Since then], we’ve expanded to include two types of shampoos and conditioners.

Why should men invest in their self-care?

Speaking from my own perspective, I know that when I neglect self-care, I don’t feel good. I think we’ve all experienced that over the last few years. When we stop taking care of ourselves, we feel off. As a brand, we advocate for prioritizing self-care. You need to take care of yourself first.

What are some products you all provide?

Our product range is comprehensive, covering everything from head to toe. My personal favorites include our shaving system, which starts with pre-shave oil and ends with a soothing aftershave. Regardless of your grooming preferences, we also offer a face and beard wash that cleanses and hydrates the skin. We have an exfoliating toner and a face gel to moisturize the skin. Whether you have a beard or prefer a clean shave, these are some of my favorites. Another standout product is our exfoliating body wash.

Any special ingredients you all use?

We pride ourselves on using only the best ingredients. You won’t find any harmful substances like phosphates in our products. One of my favorite ingredients is the 10% glycolic acid in our exfoliating toner. It helps open up the pores and remove dirt you didn’t even know was there, leaving your skin feeling fresh.

How does this brand stand out from other self-care brands for men?

When we launched ten years ago, we were one of the only brands specifically catering to Black men. Now, while there are more options in the marketplace, what continues to distinguish us is our commitment to being unapologetically Black. We focus on making the best possible products for Black men and anyone else who appreciates our products. We have many Black women who buy our products for themselves or others. The big difference for us is that we are 100% committed to creating great products. We don’t shy away from that, and we strive for excellence in every single product.

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