How The Union Fit Hub compares to other popular gym franchises

Founder Ty McMath recently attended the Morehouse Ultimate Health and Wellness Fun Day Experience before their grand opening

The Union Fit Hub, a new fitness center on the Atlanta Beltline, made its debut at the Morehouse Ultimate Health and Wellness Fun Day Experience on Oct. 27. Founder Ty McMath explained the hub’s commitment to community wellness and encouraged attendees to check in with themselves as well.

The Union officially opened its doors on Oct. 28, aiming to help individuals reach their wellness goals in a supportive environment. The hub also provides opportunities for fitness professionals to grow their brand and business in facility with a training component and a content creation studio. and development programs.

McMath spoke to rolling out describing the inspiration behind the fitness brand.

What is The Union Fit Hub?

The Union [Fit Hub] is the largest Black-owned gym in Atlanta. Our entire existence is dedicated to helping fitness entrepreneurs and our members achieve health, not only mentally, spiritually and physically, but also financially. We provide all of these opportunities here in Atlanta, located on the Beltline.

What tips did you have for people who attended the Morehouse Ultimate Health and Wellness Fun Day Experience?

I advised them to control their controllables. You can’t control everything; sometimes you’re late, there’s traffic or you have children or spouse to attend to. Life happens, you have to manage what you can control. You have to take your health into your own hands and check on yourself. We’re always checking on other people, asking them how they’re doing. I think it’s important for you to look in the mirror and ask yourself, “How am I? What am I doing to help myself?” These were some of the topics we discussed.

Were there any surprises for attendees?

Yes, there were many surprises. 23andMe gave out a surprise to the crowd, we had a group here giving out smoothies and we had a lot of surprises for the crowd. We also gave out free memberships for our grand opening.

How does The Union Fit Hub compare to other gym franchises?

We created The Union [Fit Hub] with creators in mind. For example, we want to help the people who are helping you. Your trainer would love to be here because we support them so they can assist you, or even your spin instructor. Imagine a [Gathering Spot] dedicated to fitness or a workspace solely for fitness. That’s what we do. By helping the industry as a whole, it benefits all of our members. Imagine, as a member, going to a place where you can take the latest spin class, step class or yoga class taught by some of the top fitness professionals in the heart of the city. We felt there was a need for an independently owned, Black-owned gym in the city. A gym that not only has members but also offers classes and experiences that you might not find anywhere else. We aim to make Atlanta healthier, one person and one fitness professional at a time.

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