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Donald Trump allies create fake Black supporters using AI images (photo)

MAGA supporters are deliberately disseminating fake photos of Trump with Black families
Donald Trump (Photo credit: / Muhammad Aamir Sumsum)

Some of America’s worst fears about artificial intelligence, or AI, are coming true, particularly as it pertains to Donald Trump and the 2024 presidential election cycle.

Mark Kaye, a conservative radio show host and fierce Donald Trump supporter, disseminated AI-created photos of Black families embracing the former president — and then he had the audacity to get defiant in defending the faux pictures.

Most conspicuous about the fake photos is the fact that one of them shows a disembodied White hand that doesn’t go with the rest of the image.

Donald Trump supporters willfully lying to American voters

Kaye is proud of his work, according to the BBC. 

“I’m not out there taking pictures of what’s really happening. I’m a storyteller,” he told the BBC.

“I’m not claiming it is accurate. I’m not saying, ‘Hey, look, Donald Trump was at this party with all of these African American voters. Look how much they love him!’” Kaye added. “If anybody’s voting one way or another because of one photo they see on a Facebook page, that’s a problem with that person, not with the post itself.”

The second artificial picture was distributed by a MAGA supporter named “Shaggy” who claims his image has successfully “attracted thousands of wonderful kind-hearted Christian followers,” the BBC reports. 

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