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Brian McKnight calls his children ‘evil,’ 1 of them fires back

McKnight’s son outlined his father’s sin in the ongoing interfamilial battle
Brian McKnight
Brian McKnight (Image source: YouTube/Misstee)

Embattled singer Brian McKnight is embroiled in a vicious war of words with his children whom he called “evil” and the “products of sin.”

One of McKnight’s sons, Niko McKnight, clapped back at his estranged father while putting his “sins” on blast.

Despite the fact that Niko McKnight is going through chemotherapy in his continued battle with cancer, he decided to slide into The Shade Room’s comments section to flame his father on his moral failings.

“I’m evil???? That’s wild. The guy who used to make me clean his used c*ndoms out his bathroom at 15 before Lisa got home is calling me evil. Fashoooooo,” Niko wrote in a comment. He also said, “the guy who forged sigs [signatures] on our names is calling us evil fashoooooooo.”

Niko McKnight is responding to his father’s original post where he not only described his biological children as “evil,” but that he favored his stepdaughter over them.

“In order to live a life that you love, you have to get rid of the evil and the negativity – even if that evil and negativity is related [to you],” Brian McKnight said. 

A fan vehemently disagreed, telling McKnight how wrong he was.

“The same God that said ‘honor your father & mother’ also said ‘Children are a gift from the Lord; they are reward from him. … Your children are a reflection of the work & prayers & spirituality & moral compass that PARENTS POUR INTO KIDS. You disowned kids that you created & you are also against God but judgment day is between you & your maker so #carryon.”

YouTube video

McKnight responded to the fan, saying: “1. God wasn’t talking about children that are the product of sin which these are. 2. I didn’t raise them their mothers did. 3. Know the whole story before quoting the Bible. 4. Take your inaccurate negativity off of my page and try being happy.”

Brian McKnight’s ex-wife, Julie McKnight, felt compelled to enter the fray on social media, telling her ex-husband that he is behaving like a petulant child.

“They’re no good at not being the center of attention anymore. So when everybody pulls that away, it’s like a kid without candy who throws a tantrum…,” she said. Julie McKnight added that she is “so proud” to have reared them “predominantly on my own” with the help of friends and family. 

19 Responses

  1. They were raised by your X because obviously you were an absentee father. You will definitely be held accountable because they didn’t ask to be here . I don’t know what transpired between you and them but “you” should continue to do everything to have a relationship with them. It’s easier to have a relationship with a stepchild that you cater to!!!!

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  2. I am also a father, as my wife and I have five children, and we committed to raise them as gifts from God. Today they are all grown and we have quite a few grand children, after being married for forty five years. Although i do not know what when on in your marriage, but i know you and the mother were the first teachers in the lives of those children, as the command given to us by God is to train up a child in the way he should go, so that when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6. It is not too late to pray for reconciliation. Let us save them, for they can make a difference in this world after we are gone.

  3. I used to love Brian McKnight listen to all his songs he was my male favorite artist but now that you denied what you have created all because of your 2nd marriage, I can’t stand you to hate you. How would you have felt if your dad treated you like you treat your flesh and blood? Jehovah God doesn’t like ugly and yet your ways are ugly. I am a Bible reader and it says we’re to care and love our family. Please read the following scriptures: Colossians 3:21, Proverbs 17:20, Proverbs 17:4 & 6.
    Your children didn’t ask to be here. You should love what is your no matter what the situation is. As much as my heart is against what your doing to your children I will pray 🙏🏽🙏🏽 for you Brian McKnight.

  4. I can’t comment on what Brian has went through and whats going on in his family but I do understand that our children may not turn out the way we thought they would have , I know that from experience, I had the pleasure of meeting Brian at the Radisson Hotel in Fayetteville, N.C in 1996 in the summer he did a concert with Gerald Albright and the show ended early due to his promoters didn’t pay him all his money for the show so it ended early and he came back to the hotel and I ran into him in the lobby while waiting on my friends I dropped off and was coming back to pick them up , I had my then 4 years old daughter who was with me , and is now 32 , he was so kind and thoughtful, my daughter was crying due to her being sleepy , and he asked if he could pick her up may be he could get her to stop crying, and he did , he started singing to us and a crowd gathered and he sang three songs for us and the crowd of people that followed him fron the concert , I met Gerald Albright also, but Brian was very concerned and considerate, so we dont know why he and his children are at odds but every family has there issues and I pray he can get through his, I can’t say nothing bad about him because he showed my daughter and I kindness and was very gracious.🥰

    1. Thank you for being so humble, but yet honest. That was extremely nice of Brian to soothe your daughter for you. He is a great guy and none of us knows what goes on in other homes. Yes, I wish he and his kids could work things out. If not right now, everything takes time. Thank you for still believing in him. God Bless Brian and his family.

  5. These are adult children. It is sad when parents and children lose their love for one another, but the Bible says that in the last days your enemies will be those of your own house (Matthew 10:34-36).
    That said, McKnight has no obligation to provide financially for adult children if this is the root of the problem. He also is not obligated to have a relationship with them. McKnight family: stop airing private business and move on from one another.

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  6. Wow, he’s so very kind to everybody else’s kids but his own, way to go Brian McKnight, I can’t be a fan any longer for someone like that, so disappointed

  7. I’ve been fan for 30 plus years. But knowing this information, no more. Having no relationship with your children at all, something isn’t right.

  8. I don’t know what God is in your life but you need to get the right one! You are behaving like a damn fool. How do you expect to be blessed with this behavior???? Getsome much needed help.

  9. I believe the father because these children today are monsters doesn’t matter how good you raise them. I have two psychotic children and they are nothing but liers and have a self entitled attitude. My younger kids we disagree , have arguments , but we show love and know how to say sorry , the two oldest doesn’t take accountability for anything and shifts blame on others and when they do say sorry it’s thru a text message then end up doing the same thing again. It’s not always the parents fault kids can be some real monsters and hate their parents just for not letting them have their way or being a bad kid getting involved with others.

  10. Well all I have to say is these kids today, they have no respect for fathers, it’s all about mommy,mommy. I love my two beautiful kids but they don’t check on me, so I say f”em. Real talk….

  11. I just happened to look at this and I am appalled to learn how any man, especially one who is in a position like he is, could disown his flesh and blood in every aspect, and shower love and money on another man’s children. That is shameful and all his fans and supporters should cut him off like the way he has done to his own children. This is wrong and disgraceful.

  12. All I can say it is what it is….because my Mother did not love me. I know now…it was her not me…she push me away. She put other people before me and she did not what other people to love me. So you just move on and heal.

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