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Ray J thinks his TV career is over after getting facial tattoos (video)

The ‘LHHH’ star has fans very concerned about his mental state after the facial artwork
Ray J
Ray J (Image source: Shutterstock/Kathy Hutchins)

Fans express concern over Ray J’s mental health after he decorated his face with multiple tattoos that even he admits will end his TV career.

Ray J, 43, the star of “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood,” deliberately tried to make himself look “unattractive” with a tattoo of the stars under his eye, his kids’ names near his ears, a P on the side of his head, and a tat of big block-letter T on his cheek.

Ray J said he was deliberately trying to make himself look ugly

“Yup, I look real unattractive now. There he go,” Brandy’s little brother says in the Instagram Story for his three million followers. “Tattoos on my face. That means I can’t do no more movies, I can’t host no TV shows. It’s all in for me now, n—-. I ain’t wearing no makeup, you feel me?

“Yeah I did this on purpose just because I don’t want another call time given to me. I only want to make the call time and what better way to do that than to just decorate your body with what you believe in?”

Ray J rambles on incoherently in the IG post

Ray continued with his soliloquy by trying to convey his apathy towards his own face.

“Put the f—ing points on the board. F— it. Fuck ’em. I love them. I’m humble. And I just absolutely don’t never and wouldn’t even know how to give a f—. I don’t care,” the singer born William Ray Norwood Jr. told his audience. 

“Now that I’m free and I can do what I want. Stop complaining. All you gonna see is … p—-. F— what you talking about … We up. We so up we don’t give a f— … I’m definitely not wrong. Y’all think I’m wrong? F— off. You never stop this train … We too up to be glistening away.”

Some fans opined that Ray’s going through it after his contentious marriage to Princess Love. The parents of two children have filed for divorce four times and filed to dismiss the filings three times.

“I’m free. I’m single. This what single look like, n—-. Get used to it, ‘cus this just the start of it. You got a problem get the f— out my path. All you gonna see is a– and t—– on my page so suck my d— if you got a problem. We so up, we gonna do this s— every day …”

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