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Sibling business duo partners with Quavo to open ATL gas station lounge

Atlanta’s unique new experience

Quavo‘s new business venture has gone viral before launching.

A TikTok made its rounds on social media for the after-party hosted at his new lounge, V12, after the most recent Huncho Day. The review of the location stood out because the lounge is on top of the popular BP parking lot across the street from The Varsity restaurant in Atlanta.

Also, outside the afterparty in the gas station parking lot were 21 Lil Harold, Quavo, G Herbo, and a cameo from Doe Boy.

The lounge and restaurant gives the feel of an elegant sports bar with top-of-line cuisine options on its menu. To open the establishment, Quavo partnered with the sibling business duo of Kelan and Vincent “Vinny” Watson. Before V12’s opening, the Watson’s spoke to rolling out.

What can people expect coming to V12?

Vinny: They can expect an elevated experience that’s going to exceed their expectations from the moment that they come in. They can expect to be welcomed by one of our concierge or hosts, and then they can expect to be seated accordingly at one of our bars or taken into our main dining room. They possibly may have a section in our Skybox, or they may be in one of the Kalen or the Vinny suites. If they’re going to be going to the Kelan and Vinny suites, then they’re going to be receiving that extra VIP level of service. We call it superior service. And that’s just something they can expect.

Kelan: Yeah, to Vinny’s point, opulence. Come in single, leave out with a date.

Start at the bar; let’s walk upstairs. Sit in the dining room. Have the steak or chicken dinner. Let’s get to know one another. Let’s take it a bit further and come into our skybox. Have a seat in the VIP, pop a bottle of champagne and have a wonderful evening.

When you all hustled as kids and young entrepreneurs, was it ever uncomfortable, or did adults guide you in that direction?

Vinny: No. Absolutely not. It was something we were self-motivated to do.

We lived with a single mother who was raising us to the best of her ability. She did the best, literally, she could do. She sacrificed her life, so that we could have a great life. Now that we’re in a position to provide, we want to provide her with a great life.

Kelan: It wasn’t uncomfortable because at the end of the day, our grandmother always instilled into us anything you want, you can have, but you have to work hard for it. If that meant we had to get out there and do it, it was a no-brainer for us. We want these things, and in order to have them, we have to get out there and hustle.

We fall down nine times to get back up at 10. We know how to recover. As an entrepreneur, I would tell other fellow entrepreneurs to have a shot, recover and never give up. The difference that separates people that make it from who don’t is they try one more time.

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