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Meghan Markle embraced as honorary Nigerian princess, symbol of resilience

The duchess revealed that she is 43 percent Nigerian
Meghan Markle
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Meghan Markle recently received a warm welcome and a significant honor during her visit to Nigeria with her husband, Prince Harry. The Duchess of Sussex was christened with a handwoven Yoruba Ada Mazi drape and royal beads, and bestowed the honorary title of “Adetokunbo,” meaning “the crown or royalty from across the seas.” This recognition comes as a poignant moment for Markle, who revealed that she is 43 percent Nigerian, a discovery that has deepened her connection to her heritage.

Discovering roots and embracing heritage

Raised by her Black mother, Doria Ragland, in Los Angeles, Markle has often spoken about her biracial identity and the complexities it brings. It wasn’t until her marriage into the royal family that she felt the full impact of being treated as a Black woman. Her journey of self-discovery led her to learn more about her lineage, which she shared with listeners on her “Archetypes” podcast. The trip to Nigeria not only supported their charitable work and the Invictus Games but also served as a homecoming of sorts for Markle.

A royal welcome in Lagos

In Lagos, Markle’s new title, “Princess of Arochukwu Ancient Kingdom,” was celebrated as she was met with adulation. She reflected on the attributes associated with Nigerian women — bravery, resilience, courage, power and beauty — and expressed her honor in being considered among such esteemed company.

Controversy and support

The Duchess’s candid embrace of her Nigerian roots has sparked a range of reactions. While some celebrate the diversity she brings to the royal narrative, others point to the tensions with the British Monarchy following the couple’s decision to step back from royal duties. The Netflix series “Meghan & Harry” highlighted their concerns for safety and the racist harassment they faced, leading them to relocate to California.

Despite the mixed reactions, Markle’s honorary title has resonated with many, symbolizing a homecoming and a celebration of her African American heritage. It’s a testament to the diversity and resilience that she represents, both as a member of the royal family and as a woman of Nigerian descent.

As the Duchess continues to navigate her public life, her connection to Nigeria stands as a powerful reminder of the importance of understanding one’s roots and the strength found in embracing one’s identity.

6 Responses

  1. I think it’s very wrong at this time for Meghan to be looking to be worshipped as if she’s more important than King Charles and Kate, the wife of William.
    No matter the Heritage, it’s in very poor taste of Meghan to be in Nigeria seeking some place where she can be thought of as being more important person than anyone else.
    I believe Meghan ( & Harry) are extremely disrespectful to King Charles and Kate.
    I know that Harry suffers WARTIME PTSD abd never got help for it.
    And Meghan is very disrespectful toward her own father and Harry & Meghan are very selfish people to keep their children frim getting to know their grandfathers.
    The children will grow up to hate Harry and Meghan because They Refuse for the Children not to be raised Within the Realm of The British Monarchy. !!
    It will come back to ruin Harry and Meghan and what they doing to ruin their lives.

    1. Oh no! Won’t someone think of the poor British Monarchy?

      Are you serious? It’s 2024 and King Charles is not a significant person. He’s never been a “good” person, but in a modern world, he also doesn’t add a lot of value to the world. Nor do any of the royals beyond sheer entertainment value (same as any “celebrity”.

      Your view of what matters in life seems quite small-minded, and building a relationship isn’t one-sided.

    2. Who’s worshipping her? Nobody worships her! It’s customary to bestow names on visitors in Nigeria. Your hate is so glaring!

    3. You must be living under a rock! The Monarchy has stolen from Africa since the beginning of time. Where do you think they obtained all those jewels? Know your history… Harry and Meghan have been treated horribly by both of their fathers. Yet, they continue to take the high road.

      They have no control over the medical conditions of Charles or Kate. Should they stop living because they’ve fallen ill? Charles doesn’t include Harry in his day-to-day life. What would you have them to do?

    4. Where did you crawl out from? The British Monarchy is a dinosaur and will slowly disappear. It holds no worth outside of that small island. Harry and Meghan simply defended themselves against the abuse betrayal and racism contributed to and supported by Charles and his ilk.

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