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Imagining a Kidz Bop version of Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Not Like Us’

Using the kid-friendly franchise as a starting point, fans create unserious versions of the danceable diss track
Kendrick Lamar
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The music world is abuzz with the latest hit from Kendrick Lamar, “Not Like Us,” which has quickly climbed to the top of the Billboard Hot 100. This track — known for its sharp critique of fellow artist Drake — has sparked conversations and controversies alike. However, in a lighter twist, fans have taken to social media to humorously speculate how a Kidz Bop rendition of this adult-themed diss track might sound.

From diss track to kid-friendly tune?

Kidz Bop — the music brand famous for its child-friendly covers of popular songs — typically steers clear of content that’s not suitable for its young audience. The idea of them covering Not Like Us,” a song laden with serious accusations and adult themes, is a juxtaposition that has tickled the fancy of the internet.

One social media user’s playful suggestion to reimagine the song’s lyrics for a Kidz Bop audience has sparked a wave of creative and comical responses. Fans are rewriting lines from “Not Like Us” to fit the innocent and upbeat style that Kidz Bop is known for, turning the original’s hard-hitting verses into schoolyard-appropriate quips.

A viral sensation

The conversation has taken on a life of its own, with fans churning out line after line of family-friendly lyrics. It’s a testament to the power of community and humor in the face of music that often tackles more serious subject matter. While the likelihood of an actual Kidz Bop cover of “Not Like Us” is slim, the viral trend showcases the creativity and levity that music can inspire, even when it comes to songs with deeper, more complex themes.

As Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us” continues to dominate the charts and spark dialogue, the online community’s lighthearted take serves as a reminder of the unifying power of music — even when it’s just in good fun.

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