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Chynna Morgan’s revolutionary approach to enhancing brand engagement

How Vidlo is transforming marketing with user-generated content.

In an era where digital presence is synonymous with brand success, Chynna Morgan stands out as a visionary entrepreneur reshaping how brands and artists interact with their audiences. As the founder of Vidlo, Morgan has pioneered a platform that simplifies the creation and sharing of video testimonials, empowering brands to harness the authentic voices of their customers. Her journey, rooted in innovation and a keen understanding of market needs, offers invaluable lessons for businesses and entrepreneurs alike.

Morgan’s path to tech entrepreneurship was fueled by a blend of necessity and foresight. Initially inspired during her master’s in healthcare management, Morgan identified a gap in digital communication. “What if we’re able to add our voice to GIFs to communicate?” Morgan pondered, recognizing the diminishing personal touch in digital interactions. This question laid the groundwork for her first tech venture, GIF Out Loud, which allowed users to personalize GIFs with their own voices—a concept that blended technology with personal expression.

Pivoting with the pandemic

The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic necessitated a strategic pivot. Vidlo emerged from the challenges posed by global shutdowns, which reshaped consumer interactions with brands. Vidlo’s platform enables brands and music artists to launch video testimonial campaigns effortlessly, collecting authentic fan and customer reactions to enhance brand credibility and appeal. This ease of content acquisition, Morgan notes, is what sets Vidlo apart in a cluttered tech landscape.

Morgan’s journey underscores the resilience required to thrive in tech, an industry still navigating diversity and inclusion challenges. As a Black female founder, she has navigated spaces where few look like her, using her platform to advocate for broader representation and access. Morgan’s approach—bootstrapping her business—reflects a profound commitment to her vision, highlighting a path less dependent on venture capital, which remains elusive for many minority founders.

Empowering through technology

Vidlo is not just a tool for marketing; it is a testament to the power of inclusive technology that considers and amplifies the user’s voice. Morgan’s work is particularly revolutionary in how it integrates user-generated content with brand narratives, offering a new model for authenticity in digital marketing.

Looking ahead, Morgan envisions Vidlo becoming a cornerstone in how brands and artists understand and interact with their audiences. Her plans include expanding Vidlo’s capabilities and continuing to support upcoming entrepreneurs, especially those from underrepresented backgrounds. By sharing her journey and insights, Morgan is not only charting a path for her business but also lighting the way for the next generation of innovators.


Morgan’s blend of creativity and tech expertise illustrates the profound impact of thoughtful, user-centered design in technology. As brands increasingly look to genuine customer engagements to drive growth, Morgan’s innovations offer a timely solution poised to reshape the landscape of marketing technology. Through Vidlo, Morgan is not just predicting future trends; she is actively creating them, ensuring that the pulse of the market is not just heard but felt, resonating through every video shared.

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