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Navigating grief by turning personal loss into community support

How one entrepreneur turned personal tragedy into community support through grief resources and wellness activities
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The loss of a loved one can be a storm of emotions, often hitting us unexpectedly and leaving us to navigate the downpour of grief. For one entrepreneur, the untimely death of her father became a catalyst for creating a community for those in mourning, offering resources to help them cope and find support.

Inspiration born from personal tragedy

On March 22, 2022, the founder of Sorry For Your Loss (Cards) faced a harrowing personal tragedy when her father went missing in Jamaica, presumed kidnapped and murdered. Amidst handling legal matters and maintaining her career in entertainment publicity, she was promoted, but the trauma eventually manifested as a major depressive disorder and anxiety.

Embracing vulnerability and change

Having been raised in a Jamaican household where achievements were valued over emotional expression, the loss of her father forced her to confront her suppressed emotions. The absence of both parents left her feeling exposed, but it also led to a transformation. She learned to honor her feelings, set boundaries, and find strength in vulnerability.

Creating a safe space for healing

Joining a grief group at HOPE Connection was a turning point. Surrounded by women who had also lost their fathers, she found solace and community. This experience inspired her to launch Sorry For Your Loss (Cards), a greeting card company that provides a tangible way to support those grieving, complete with wellness resources and activities like nature therapy walks.

Spreading comfort and joy

The response to the cards has been overwhelmingly positive, with customers sharing how they’ve facilitated conversations about grief. The founder’s commitment to service has helped others and motivated her to discover new healing practices for herself and the community.

Honoring the journey through grief

As another Father’s Day approaches without her dad, the founder encourages others experiencing loss to honor themselves and find ways to navigate the complex journey of grief.

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