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Expert wig installation tips for a sweat-proof summer

Keep your wig secure and stylish during summer with expert tips from Yummie O of Yummy Extensions
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As mercury rises, so does the challenge of keeping your wig securely in place. Yummie O, the founder of Yummy Extensions, shares her professional insights on achieving a sweat-proof wig install that withstands the summer heat.

Prep your braid down

Starting with a clean slate is crucial for any wig installation. Yummie O emphasizes the importance of washing your scalp with a clarifying cleanser to remove any product buildup. Strengthening your hair with protein and moisturizers is also key to preventing breakage under the weight of braids. Deep conditioning ensures your hair remains moisturized and detangled, providing the perfect foundation for your wig.

Pick the right wig

Choosing the right wig is about understanding your hair texture, style preferences, and how much maintenance you’re willing to undertake. While lace fronts are popular, a traditional sew-in with leave-out can offer a more natural and secure option. For those dealing with high humidity, Yummie O suggests kinkier wigs that work well with the environment, recommending lace front wigs that match your natural texture and density for a flawless look.

Use sweat-proof products

To combat humidity, products like anti-humidity sprays can help maintain your hair’s blendability. For lace fronts, selecting the right adhesive is essential to withstand sweat. Yummie O also recommends specific products for maintaining heavy textured curly hair, such as curl creams and strengthening hair masques. Don’t forget that proper storage with wig caps and stands is vital for preserving the wig’s quality and shape.

By following these expert tips, you can enjoy a worry-free summer with a wig that looks as fresh and natural as the day it was installed.

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