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Camille Winbush responds to OnlyFans criticism with grace and confidence

‘Bernie Mac Show’ actress addresses backlash and explains her OnlyFans content
OnlyFans (Photo credit: / Mehaniq)

“Bernie Mac Show” star Camille Winbush recently addressed the criticism she faced for joining OnlyFans. After her residual checks slowed, the 34-year-old chose to take her talents to the controversial site.

The actress first announced the news via Instagram in February 2021. Camille posted a video of herself transitioning from casual clothes to a sexy black dress with the caption, “Yes, you heard that right. I have joined OF! But I’m doing it my way – I’ll be saying the things I really want to say, singin’ & dancing, and sharing exclusive content. But don’t think it’s just for the men.”

She said she would finally drop her skincare routine, answer fans’ questions, and have special guests. Additionally, she noted that there would be “…minimal nudity. So if that’s what you’re expecting sorry not sorry to disappoint.”

Camille Winbush addresses social media backlash

During a recent interview on Comedy Hype News, Winbush addressed the criticism she received on social media in response to her announcement.

She stated, “People that are outside of the acting world have no place to speak on it.” Camille revealed that she had regular day jobs and owned an ice cream shop for three years as a teenager that was funded with her own money. Furthermore, she stated that she taught gymnastics to kids, where she earned “$11, $12 per hour.”

“If I can find a way to make enough to buy a home from the comfort and safety of my own living room. Why wouldn’t I do that?” she asked. Camille said she does not see any difference in what she does on OnlyFans and acting, stating, “People have insinuated sex on camera. How is it any different because it’s a different platform?” Additionally, she shared that her parents and friends have been supportive. However, some family members have criticized her decision. Camille recalled one relative asking if she “needed a good therapist.”

Winbush speaks on OnlyFans content

The actress then explained that her content isn’t as raunchy as some would imagine. She stated that her content is “comparable to what you would see in a Maxim magazine.” Camille commented, “Sometimes I wear sheer lingerie and dance around, but I’m never nude.”

She added, “I’m not doing anything sexually explicit. Like, honestly, you can see more on Instagram or Twitter or on a runway than what I’m showing.” Camille said, “So, it’s not as scandalous as people assume it is.”

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