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Draya Michele and Jalen Green respond to criticism of age gap

Despite criticism over their 17-year age difference, the couple continue to showcase the strength of their relationship
Draya Michele
Drea Michele (Photo credit: / Jamie Lamor Thompson)

Spotted in West Hollywood, Draya Michele and Jalen Green shared insights into their personal life during a casual outing. At 39, Draya Michele and 22-year-old Houston Rockets player Jalen Green have openly dismissed the ongoing scrutiny from the public regarding their age gap. Draya expressed bewilderment over the public’s concern, stating, “Two adults being in love. I don’t know why that would rub people the wrong way, it’s kinda weird. Love is love at the end of the day.”

Public reaction and social media commentary

The couple’s relationship has sparked varied reactions online, with some social media users questioning the dynamics of their partnership. Comments ranged from concerns about maturity to speculations about their motives, highlighting the challenges couples face when one partner is significantly younger.

Matching tattoos

Adding to their public displays of affection, Draya and Jalen recently revealed matching tattoos, further affirming their commitment to each other. This gesture came shortly after celebrating their first Father’s Day together, marked by a heartfelt post from Draya showcasing their growing family.

As Draya and Jalen navigate their relationship in the public eye, they continue to prioritize their love and family above all, demonstrating that true affection can transcend societal expectations and age differences.

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