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Aoki Lee Simmons steps back from modeling to prioritize mental health

Aoki Lee Simmons
Photo credit: / Kathy Hutchins

Aoki Lee Simmons, the 21-year-old model and Harvard graduate, recently shared a series of introspective posts on social media, revealing her decision to step back from the modeling industry to focus on her mental health. This announcement comes in the wake of her breakup with 66-year-old restaurateur Vittorio Assaf, an event that has sparked widespread discussion about her personal life.

Struggles in the spotlight

Simmons, known for her vibrant personality, expressed a significant shift in tone in her recent posts, describing the modeling world as dark and not conducive to her mental well-being. Her decision underscores the pressures and challenges faced by young models, particularly those in the public eye. Simmons candidly discussed the interpersonal cruelty she endured, which has led her to reconsider her participation in high-profile fashion events.

Public and personal challenges

The young model’s life has been under intense scrutiny, not just for her career choices but for her personal relationships, notably her controversial relationship with Assaf, which closely mirrors the age gap her own parents had. Following their breakup, Simmons has been vocal about the lack of privacy and the harsh criticisms she faces online, which have compounded her stress and affected her self-image.

Support and recovery

In her journey towards recovery, Simmons has received a wave of support from fans and followers, encouraging her to take the time she needs to heal. She has been open about her struggles with body image and the unrealistic standards imposed by the fashion industry. In a bold move, she shared images of her well-stocked fridge on social media, challenging the stereotypes about models’ diets and reaffirming her commitment to health over appearance.

Looking ahead

As Aoki Lee Simmons steps back to focus on her mental health, her story serves as a powerful reminder of the human aspect behind the glitz and glamour of modeling. Her resolve to prioritize her well-being and her candidness in sharing her struggles continue to resonate with many, offering hope and encouragement to others facing similar challenges.

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