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5 biggest storylines of the 2013 MLB season

The 2013 MLB season is finally underway as teams and players alike are getting ready for their 162-game journey. There was plenty of drama throughout the 2012 season, yet this season has the potential to eclipse last season in terms

Sheryl Swoopes talks career, life after the WNBA, LGBT thoughts

Four-time WNBA champion and three-time WNBA Finals MVP Sheryl Swoopes, who during her playing days was commonly referred to as the “Female Michael Jordan,” sat down with rolling out to discuss her life after basketball along with her private life

NFL Highlights Week 9: Martin, Rodgers Top Performances

With week 9 officially on the books, the contenders and pretenders have started to clearly separate themselves around the NFL.  There were some riveting and historic performances on Sunday, Nov.4,  and rolling out has put together a list of Week

49ers, Colts Highlight Week 5’s Best Performances

A quarter of the 2012 NFL season is officially in the record books and while it’s still too early to tell who will make the playoffs, a couple teams have clearly separated themselves as contenders for Super Bowl XLVII in

Falcons, Pats Among NFL’s Top Week 4 Performances

There were many smiles to go around as the referees and the NFL were finally back to normal.  While the players, coaches, and owners are definitely happy to see the pinstripes return to the gridiron, nobody is happier than the

Best Under the Radar Fantasy Football Pickups

  Looking for an upgrade over disappointing running backs Chris Johnson and Michael Turner?  Rolling out has put together a list of the best unheralded fantasy football players that could just help win you the league title.  Hurry up and

NFL’s Top Week 2 Performances

While the replacement officials have garnered most of the national spotlight during Week 2 of the NFL, there were still plenty of great individual and team performances that deserve praising, so rolling out has put together a list of this

NFL’s 10 Best Week 1 Performances

With the NFL’s first week officially in the record books, rolling out has put together the top 10 performances. It remains to be seen how these performances will translate throughout the next 16 weeks, but for now the expectations for

5 Surprise Super Bowl Teams

  Every year it seems that the same four teams (Saints, Packers, Patriots and Ravens) are in the conversation for the Super Bowl; however, the parity in the league has never been higher as teams like the Bengals and Texans

Top 5 College Football Teams That Can Win It All

The long-awaited college football season finally kicks off Thursday, Aug. 30, and now that we can all breathe a little easier, rolling out has put together a list of the top 5 NCAA football teams in the country. Surprisingly, an SEC

NFL Training Camp Kicks Off: 10 Intriguing Stories

It’s that time of year again with teams opening up training camp this weekend. For all you die-hard football fans who’ve labored through a frustratingly quiet July, rolling out has put together a list of the 10 juiciest story lines heading into

5 Ways to Become a Successful Sports Agent

“Show me the money!”  This classic line from a character played by Cuba Gooding Jr. is typical of how many people view the sports agent and athlete relationship.  While it’s true that an agent’s job is to show his client

10 Best Beers for Women

Rolling Out has compiled a list of beers that will surely quench a woman’s thirst. Whether you’re a seasoned beer connoisseur or simply looking for starter beers to try, this list has it all. So click through the list of top 10

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