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World Cup Champion Briana Scurry Talks Concussion Awareness

In 2010, 1999 World Cup champion goalie Briana Scurry was forced to retire due to a devastating concussion, but not before making her mark as one of America’s best female athletes, black or white, of all time. Rolling out was lucky

Top 10 Black Agents in Sports

Athletes have long been handled and viewed as valuable commodities from the media to Fortune 500 companies like Nike; however, a sports agent’s job is to work behind the scenes to make sure their client’s contract is financially equal to

Hottest Superhero Cars of All Time

Not only do superheros get superhuman power and awesome costumes, their rides must stand out from the crowd too.  In honor of opening weekend of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ rolling out has put together a list of the hottest superhero rides.

Best Black Superheros of All Time

To continue with our superhero theme, Rolling out has re-discovered some of America’s best black superheroes (President Obama unfortunately doesn’t count).  A few have been around for ages, but may not be known to newer and younger fans.  Enjoy.

5 Sexiest Comic Book Villains of All Time

In honor of the midnight premiere of “The Dark Knight Rises,” rolling out compiled a list of the sexiest comic book villains of all time.  Most, if not all, have been played by some of Hollywood’s most attractive women, so

Celebrate National Stick Your Tongue Out Day

In celebration of our country’s National Stick Your Tongue Out Day, rolling out has put together a celeb list of Hollywood’s top stars “celebrating” the holiday, including Kim Kardashian, Lil’ Wayne, and Kobe Bryant. Enjoy!

7 Best Low-Alcohol Beers

Since 2008, a growing number of brewers, beer experts, and importers have begun producing well-made low-alcohol beers that still maintain the pungent taste of normal beers, like Budweiser. Check out the top seven low-alcohol beers and be sure to pick

5 Ways 2012 ‘Dream Team’ Can Be Beat

After a poor start, the U.S. Men’s basketball team regained their dazzling form and rallied to beat Brazil 80-69.  With President Obama in attendance, Lebron James led the U.S. with 30 points; however, with exhibition games against stronger competition (Argentina

Michael Vick Starts Clothing Line: Top 5 Athlete Brands

In a deal with sporting goods chain Modell’s, Michael Vick has put his name on a line of athletic wear with kids shorts and tees selling for $12.99 and adult wear priced at $19.99. Also, some of the proceeds from

1992 Dream Team vs. 2012 Dream Team: Who Wins?

Kobe Bryant started it and Charles Barkley shot it down. On Wednesday, July 11, while talking to reporters, Bryant claimed that if the two Dream Teams were to hypothetically square off, “I think we’d pull it out,” which only prompted

5 Greatest Black Athlete Comebacks

Brandon Roy 2007 NBA Rookie of the Year and 3-time All Star, Brandon Roy, has come out of retirement and signed with the Minnesota Timberwolves after resolving his chronic knee injury issues. Rolling out not only wishes him a swift

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