Another year, another NBA Finals rematch: Will the Cavs prevail this time?

For the fourth consecutive year, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors are competing for the NBA championship. The Warriors have won two out of the previous three matchups, and several are predicting them to win again in 2018, especially after the Cavaliers’ demise in Game 1. During Game 2, Steph Curry broke Ray Allen’s […]

How legalizing sports betting will impact the $4.8B industry

In a historic ruling, the Supreme Court allowed for states to legalize sports betting this past Monday, May 21. In a 6-3 ruling, the Supreme Court voted for New Jersey and other states to authorize sports betting. Many consider this a step in the right direction despite it possibly hurting the integrity of the respective […]

LeBron James is much more than an athlete

What began as a slogan for Lebron James years ago has become a reality. We are all witnesses to his greatness. Every game James plays it appears that he makes NBA history. James is seventh in scoring in the history of the NBA, and in his 15th season has accomplished legendary feats. At age 33, […]