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Zane unveils new book at Shrine of the Black Madonna

The Shrine of the Black Madonna has been a staple of African American history and culture in Atlanta ever since its inception in 1975. While it serves the community as the ninth congregation of the Pan African Orthodox Christian Church,

Top 3 reasons to eat before you fly

Unless you’re on a super fancy flight, airplane food generally consists of a mediocre snack or small meal to hold you over until you land at your destination. After spending the day packing and preparing for your trip, you may

Tracia Jones, a Southern girl taking Hollywood by storm

Tracia Jones is on her way to becoming entertainment’s new “it” girl. The 22-year-old Alabama native stumbled into the industry by mistake two years ago, but now that she’s in, she’s taking her profession seriously. Jones has already modeled for

3 things to know about Janet Jackson’s secret daughter

There’ve been rumors circulating for years that Janet Jackson has a secret child. Some say that the child was given to her older sister, Rebbie. It was all just speculation, until now. As Jackson recently announced, she is having a

10 best tattoo artists on Instagram

Getting tatted up has become increasingly popular in recent years. According to a Harris poll from 2012, one in five adults have at least one tattoo. A Pew Research Center study done even earlier found that the number was actually

5 things to know about ABC’s Ayo Davis, head of casting

ABC has announced their new head of talent and casting, and it’s a Black woman named Ayo Davis. The woman who previously held the head casting position, Keli Lee, relocated to London in November to serve as a managing director

5 of the richest pastors in the world

Running a church can be a lucrative business these days. While a church leader’s preaching salary may not be in the millions, many Christian pastors sell DVDs, books, and find other ways of build a major fortune. The fact that

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