6 common workout mistakes you are probably making

Establishing a consistent workout routine is one of the best things that we can do for our bodies. Exercising helps to give you more energy, reduces the risk of disease, improves cardiovascular health, and of course, strengthens your bones and muscles. While just getting to the gym can sometimes be half the battle, you do […]

Trainer William ‘King’ Hollis offers spring fitness tips

Fitness trainer, motivational speaker, author and influencer William “King” Hollis has racked up 500 million total views on YouTube and has shared his fitness expertise on numerous platforms around the world. He has spoken on the subject to NFL football teams, high school sports teams, colleges, universities, churches, and youth conferences. A native of Pontiac, […]

Celebrity fitness trainer Obi Obadike on the benefits of summer sports leagues

Spring begins March 20, and one way to enjoy life, the outdoors, and get a good workout (disguised as fun), is to take up a league sport. League sports are small community-organized and regulated sports teams that come together and compete on a non-professional level. There are many different options to choose from, you can […]

Chaz Sandifer is redefining health and wellness in Minneapolis with theNEWmpls

For the past 10 years, Chaz Sandifer has taken a holistic approach to health and wellness from the inside out. Her mission has been to get healthy through fitness, nutrition and wellness. Her passion prompted her to start her company, theNEWmpls. As a certified group fitness instructor, lifestyle and wellness coach, and owner-operator of the […]

Amina Daniels, founder of Live Cycle Delight in Detroit, is staying the course

Detroit native Amina Daniels understands that there is still work to be done to make self-care and fitness a priority during a global pandemic. As the owner of a downtown Detroit fitness and cycling studio, Daniels has had to be innovative in her approach while remaining true to her core. After all, Daniels is still […]

Trainer Bria Young helps women achieve body confidence and healthy lifestyles

Bria Young is a trainer and owner of Bnickfit – a fitness brand focused on women. After playing collegiate basketball and graduating, Young began training at boot camp style gyms, and eventually became an Orange Theory Fitness head coach. During that time she grew her own training business. In 2018, she was given an ultimatum […]

Trainer Emory Bernard keeps T.I. and Tichina Arnold in shape

Emory Bernard, also known as “Fit by Joc,” is a celebrity personal trainer and Muscletech branded Athlete. The native Atlantan has been on the fitness scene for four years and has been traveling the world to follow his passion since. Not only has he helped clients achieve their fitness goals, he has also aided them […]

Personal trainer Kenneth Kirkland discusses health accountability partners

Kenneth Kirkland is a personal trainer and the CEO of Trinity Conditioning. The 27-year-old graduated from Tuskegee University with a degree in food and nutritional science. In 2015 Trinity Conditioning was born after Kirkland who was then 300 pounds decided to change his life. He built a relationship with God and axed bad habits, which […]

10 free yoga classes in Atlanta

Grab your yoga mats at water bottles its time for free yoga. Yoga is an ancient practice that requires strength, focus, and determination.  Atlanta has rapidly growing yoga community of novice and long-time yogis who are regularly searching for new places to practice. The most recent trend in Atlanta, with its wide collection of parks […]

Robert Ri’chard creating road to better health with HighwayFit workout

Robert Ri’chard has been a household name for more than two decades. The Emmy Award-winning actor started his career in the early 1990s and has continued to grace the small and large screen ever since. Somewhere between his roles on Nickelodeon’s “My Cousin Skeeter” and UPN’s “One on One,” Ri’chard became a grown man. At 36, the […]

Certified personal trainer Maria More is empowering women through fitness

Certified personal trainer Maria More is whipping women into shape with MPowered Fitness for Women, a web-based program that has helped thousands of women worldwide reach their fitness goals. More specializes in fitness nutrition, is passionate about family and aims to “live by example” while inspiring others to do the same. Rolling out recently sat down with […]

Rashidat Owe shares how life challenges and yoga helped save her life

Rashidat Owe has overcome obstacles that have created a path to her life’s mission. She is an international yoga and meditation teacher, artistic holistic lifestyle influencer, public speaker and personal trainer. Recently we spoke with Owe and she shared how she overcame drug abuse and living an unhealthy lifestyle. Talk a little about your weight […]

Athlete Tilita Lutterloh talks about her new #Tilitafied workout program

Rolling out interviewed athlete Tilita Lutterloh about her #Tilitafied workout method. It is a series of programs to keep athletes and busy professionals in tip-top shape. She is a leading fitness coach and master nutritionist. How long have you been an athlete? I have been an athlete for over 30 years. I started my athletic […]

Trainer Keith Hodges uncovers the evolution of his brand

As an advocate of healthy living, Keith Hodges believes in creating healthier habits to achieve long-term health and wellness. He services individuals through education along with utilizing multiple aspects of fitness in order to reach the desired goal. This varied approach shocks the body, creating muscle confusion, and providing an avenue to break through plateaus. He believes it’s what helps […]

Contortionist Rachel Fit’s moves have made her a social media sensation

If you don’t know who Rachel Fit is, you haven’t been paying much attention to social media lately. Rachel has been gaining the likes of regular social media lovers as well as celebrities all due to her flexibility. We sat down to find out how her social media brand became so popular. How did you […]