Nicki Minaj was ‘so afraid’ during abusive relationship

Nicki Minaj recalls being “so afraid” during her time in an abusive relationship. The “Chun Li” hitmaker — who is now happily engaged to Kenneth Petty — once spent time in a toxic relationship, and took to Twitter on Sunday, Sept. 1, 2019, to share her experience and offer tips to others going through similar […]

Tina Turner opens up about disturbing aspects of her marriage

Tina Turner shared this about her abusive marriage. The “Private Dancer” hitmaker attempted suicide to escape her marriage. She snapped “on an ordinary day in 1968” (seven years after she married the late Ike Turner) she took 50 sleeping pills before a concert in a bid to take her own life because she felt “diminished,” as her […]

Is your new man a ‘hobosexual’?: Get wise and get gone

My 2017 started coming thrоugh a hаrrоwіng еxреrіеnсе wіth a friend I decided to date because I thought I knew him well. Six months and a few thousand dollars in debt later, I discovered I didn’t know this hobosexual at all. What is a hobosexual? A hobosexual is a person who dates you with the […]

‘RHOA’s’ Sheree Whitfield confronts unaddressed pain from past with ex-husband

Sheree Whitfield has a tough exterior. Seven years ago on the first season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Sheree threw herself a fabulous divorce party where she celebrated her separation from then husband Bob Whitfield. While the bulk of their televised scenes focused on their separation issues including child support and visitation, it seemed to […]

Man throws gasoline on girlfriend while she smoked

An argument between a couple in Philadelphia turned deadly over the weekend. According to NBC 10 in Philadelphia, Kevin Small, 46, lived with his girlfriend, Melissa Bacon-Smith, 46, at the Lincoln Motel. Shortly after midnight on May15, Small and Bacon-Smith began arguing in their room. Small left the room angry and walked across the street […]

Michel’le and Dee Barnes respond to Dr. Dre’s apology

Dr. Dre came under major fire last week when his ex-wife, Michel’le, and former TV personality Dee Barnes both criticized him for abusing them in the past, which, as they both pointed out, wasn’t included in the hit N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton. Since then, Dr. Dre has come out and publicly apologized to “the […]

Jazmine Sullivan opens up about her past abusive relationship

Part of Jazmine Sullivan’s charm as a singer is her unabashed attitude about singing her life’s story to the world. And one story that has definitely influenced her music is a past abusive relationship with an ex-boyfriend. And in a recent Instagram post, Sullivan got very candid about how dark her days were with her […]

Althea Eaton accuses Benzino of abuse

All seemed well for former reality TV couple Benzino and Althea Eaton, as they’ve spent most of this year happily anticipating the birth of their first child. But all that glitters isn’t gold and that seemed to be proven true for the couple this week when Eaton claimed that Benzino hit her. According to, […]

Michel’le explains why she wasn’t in NWA biopic

Last week, Dr. Dre made headlines when he admitted that he’d made some terrible mistakes in his past when responding to accusations that he beat his ex-wife, Michel’le, as well as his high-profile 1991 attack on TV personality Dee Barnes. Despite Michel’le playing such a major role in Dre’s legacy, at least as far as tabloid […]

Dr. Dre opens up about Michel’le’s abuse allegations

Earlier this year, “R&B Divas LA” star Michel’le caused quite the media stir when she opened up, once again, about her accusations that her former husband, Dr. Dre, violently beat her and attacked her on several occasions during their marriage. For years, Dre has remained mum about the abuse allegations, but he recently spoke with […]

Nick Gordon might be charged with murder

Nick Gordon found himself facing a crushing setback earlier this week when reports revealed that Bobbi Kristina’s estate has moved to sue him for allegedly abusing Bobbi and stealing money from her. But now Gordon is facing an even graver reality as reports claim that he may face murder charges if Bobbi dies. As previously […]

Michel’le claims Dr. Dre shot at her

Last week, Michel’le shared details about the brutal physical abuse she suffered during her marriage to Dr. Dre. And just when fans thought her confessions couldn’t get any more violent, Michel’le recently revealed that Dre once shot at her during an argument. During an interview with Vlad TV, Michel’le opened up about the abuse again […]

Ray J makes statement about alleged Princess Love attack

Earlier this week, reports claimed that Ray J had been savagely beaten by his girlfriend, Princess Love. But according to the “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” star, the beating never happened and he’s completely OK. As previously reported by TMZ, Princess allegedly attacked Ray J in a New Orleans hotel after he returned from a night out […]

Cyn Santana opens up about Erica Mena’s attack

Like most reality TV couples, Cyn Santana and Erica Mena’s relationship was rife with all kinds of drama, from cheating scandals to curse-filled public arguments. But their chaotic romance took a violent turn on Monday night’s episode of “Love & Hip Hop” when Mena attacked Santana and then dumped her. Now, Santana is opening up […]

Benzino accuses Joseline Hernandez of abusing Stevie J

Benzino and Stevie J may not be friends anymore, but that doesn’t mean that Zino doesn’t still care about his former buddy’s welfare. In a new interview with Vlad TV, Zino claims that the fights between Stevie and Joseline Hernandez on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” are nothing compared to the ones they have off […]

La La Anthony says she was abused in former relationship

When fans think of La La Anthony, they inevitably think of her husband, Carmelo Anthony, and vice versa. Certainly, it’s a testament to not only the length of time they’ve been together, 10 years, but how strong there love is to us. In a way, it seems like they’ve always been together. However, before La […]

Momma Dee claims Erica Dixon is abusive

Momma Dee plays no games when it comes to protecting the crown prince of her kingdom, Lil Scrappy. She even goes so far as to interfere with Scrappy’s relationship with Erica Dixon because she thought it was a mistake. In a new interview, Momma Dee claimed that she has to protect Scrappy from Dixon because his […]

Kelly Rowland opens up about abusive relationship

Kelly Rowland shocked fans across the globe when she debuted her candid and revealing new song, “Dirty Laundry,” in which she touches upon her envy of Beyoncé as well as a previous abusive relationship. Since then the singer has been mum about her abusive past, leaving many fans to speculate about who her abusive man […]

Rihanna Cries to Oprah Over Chris Brown Breakup: ‘I Lost My Best Friend’

By all rights, Chris Brown and Rihanna’s relationship, whether platonic or romantic, should have ended after his 2009 assault on the singer and their subsequent breakup. But their continued interactions and collaborations with each other, have exposed layers of unresolved feelings and issues between the two that have left many wondering ‘just how strong is […]

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