Atlanta Hawks guard Sharife Cooper has advice for NBA rookies

As he celebrated his milestone 21st birthday on June 11, Sharife Cooper also completed the most action-packed year of his life. The Atlanta Hawks two-way guard, and younger brother of WNBA guard Te’a Cooper, spent his rookie season between College Park with the G-League and the other part in Atlanta. Although he shined in College […]

How 5 small gestures of love can save your relationship

During these tough times, how do we insulate our relationships from the stress and strain of the pandemic? Now more than ever we all must step up in all areas of our lives and our love life is no different. Learning the value of the small gestures in our relationships is one way to fortify […]

Is there a difference between dating and courting?

In the new world of quarantine dating, expectations have truly changed. Christal Jordan spoke with rolling out to discuss the question of the day: Is there a difference between dating and courting? To watch Reality Check with Christal Jordan, click play above.

Alicia Keys reveals how Oprah helped her find joy in her work

Alicia Keys reveals how Oprah Winfrey taught her to find joy in her work after giving up her boundaries to be successful. The 39-year-old singer took some life-changing advice from the 66-year-old talk show host after she felt “overworked” having let down her boundaries and said yes to everything her agent threw at her. Speaking […]

Creating a kindness revolution

Most people know that there is a fine line between laughing with someone, laughing at someone and purposely making fun of another person at their expense. For as long as I can remember, telling offensive jokes has been considered good entertainment. Comedians make fun of ethnicities, different religions, and people of different sexual orientations. That […]

The moneymaking mindset

By Monica Bey How does your money look right now? Is it strong and abundant, or is it missing in action? Have you been trying everything to increase your bank balance but nothing seems to work? If so, it could be because your mind is in the way. Yes, that’s right, I said your mind. Let […]

Gayle King tells Oprah what to do if she ever catches her with Stedman

Oprah Winfrey and longtime best friend Gayle King have been through many obstacles and have learned how to deal with whatever life throws their way. The pair share many of those experiences of their YouTube advice show, “The OG Chronicles.” A viewer recently asked for help after revealing she’d secretly been swapping flirty messages with her sister’s […]

Innovative practitioner Julia Eze dishes on health tips and ‘The Nurse Link’

nurse julia

Julia Eze is a nurse practitioner and entrepreneur from Decatur, Alabama who’s well on her way to setting new health education standards around the country. Though Eze realized her calling as a nurse, little did she know that her passion would one day develop into an empowering social network, which is known today as The Nurse […]

Shaquilla Shannon shares her entrepreneurial journey as an event planner

Photo Courtesy of Shaquilla Shannon

Event planner Shaquilla Shannon is an entrepreneurial success who is now creating opportunities for other entrepreneurs to thrive. Shannon is the founder of the event planning business Larger Than Life Event Planning Custom Designs and Treats, which services events globally, while simultaneously helping entrepreneurs kick-start their own businesses. “You must find your passion, deepen your experience […]

Watch: Dee Speaks … You Think

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