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How technology is catching more shoplifters

Technology is revolutionizing the way retailers prevent and detect shoplifting. With advanced tools and methods, shoplifting is becoming increasingly difficult for thieves to get away


Microsoft adding AI to video game

Microsoft is planning to integrate its AI technology into video games. According to Windows Central, the tech company had shown off at the Microsoft Surface

Antonio Brown files for bankruptcy

Former NFL star Antonio Brown has made a striking announcement, declaring bankruptcy and labeling it “The Greatest of All-Time.” The 35-year-old athlete, known for his

Cheriss May

Why Cheriss May isn’t worried about AI

Cheriss May has left her mark on the world of photography. A press photographer covering the Obama administration, May taught at Howard University for 18


Is Apple working on an AI App Store?

Apple is rumored to be working on an AI app store. Ben Reitzes, head of technology research at Melius Research, has claimed in an interview

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