White House photos of the week: Obama family goes international

While a few of us were planning April Fools’ Day schemes, the Obama family wrapped up a very busy month. Michelle Obama, along with Sasha and Malia, enjoyed the last days of their trip to China with a visit to the Great Wall, while President Barack Obama also spent the week traveling internationally to the […]

Newspaper portrays President Obama and first lady as apes

Every day, black Americans can hold their head high knowing our history and struggle in this country and abroad. But, apparently in Belgium, they would rather picture black people as apes; and not just any people but President Obama and our first lady Michelle. There is no defending this racist picture as news or satire […]

Former Bad Boy rapper Loon sentenced to 14 years in prison (audio)

Former Bad Boy artist Loon, now known as Amir Muhadith, was reportedly sentenced to 14 years in prison after being found guilty of distribution and conspiracy charges. The former hip-hop star was arrested in Belgium in November of 2011 and was extradited back to North Carolina to face the drug charges.

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