Shontel Greene’s winner mentality delivers on multimillion-dollar businesses

Shontel Green decided that she would defy the odds of her circumstances in life and secure a future beyond the hardscrabble streets she hustled on. Greene set clear goals and through her determination, she realized her dreams. What was life like for you growing up in Baltimore? The unforgiving urban environment of Baltimore city has […]

Reign operates the No. 1 organic sanitary napkin company in the country

Reign is the No. 1 family-owned and operated organic sanitary napkin company in the country. Reign’s mission is to raise awareness by informing teens and women globally about the potential toxicity of tampon use. Please let our audience know a little bit about you. My name is Demond Crump and I am a proud U.S. […]

20-year-old Jet Mitchell providing a blueprint for Detroit entrepreneurs

At just 20 years old, Jet Mitchell, the DIY set builder, photographer, and all-around creative, owns the largest creative studio in Detroit, The Creative Playground, which is just over 13,000 square feet. How did you get your start as an entrepreneur? When I was younger, my grandmother used to make me cut the grass. I […]

Dr. Eve Hudson empowers first-generation scholars to graduate

In honor of Women’s History Month, rolling out interviewed Dr. Eve Hudson, founder and chief strategist of Evingerlean Worldwide®  — an entity created to empower first-generation scholars and graduates across the globe. Tell us a little bit about how you fulfill your mission. We do this through our empowering signature programs, award-winning podcast, first-of-its-kind store […]

Meet Natalie Frazier-Jackson, Atlanta’s official bead boss

Natalie Jackson’s passion for design started very early, and in 2012 she followed her dreams and started her first six-figure company. Through the company, she opened many doors for hundreds of people to explore the world through beaded art and gemstones. Jackson is passionate about bringing people together and assisting them on their path to […]

Lashawn Dreher is growing 100 Black Women-owned businesses with BlkWomenHustle

Lashawn Dreher, a marketing strategist, created BlkWomenHustle to give Black female professionals a platform to connect, empower and uplift one another. She is helping to amplify Black women’s talents and voices through this new venture. Dreher joined powerhouse entertainment lawyer Lerae Funderburg, the founder and managing partner of Funderburg Law LLC, a boutique law firm […]

New Jersey Devils and Prudential Financial announce Buy Black program expansion

The New Jersey Devils and Prudential Financial, Inc. announced the expansion of their groundbreaking Buy Black business program to support and amplify business opportunities for Black entrepreneurs; and, in a National Hockey League and sports industry first, Prudential Financial will donate its premier brand placement on the Devils helmet to a Black-owned, New Jersey-based business […]

Early Walker of W&W Towing committed to keeping people safe during COVID-19

Rolling out publisher and CEO Munson Steed sat down with Chicago entrepreneur Early Walker. One of his businesses, W&W Towing, has been featured on AMC’s hit show “Hustle & Tow.” Walker is a big believer in giving back to his community and helping families in the Chicagoland area and beyond. How have you managed to maintain your […]

Wellness educator and serial entrepreneur Tiffany Davis is all about gains

In less than four years, serial entrepreneur Tiffany Davis has built out a multi-million dollar business and did so unconventionally. Imagine a supplement that actually helps women gain weight, opposed to losing it? Well, that’s exactly what she did and with good reason. Her all-natural formula, Nutrithick, is designed to pack on weight naturally and […]

Early Walker of W&W Towing committed to keeping people safe during pandemic

Rolling out publisher and CEO Munson Steed sat down with Chicago entrepreneur Early Walker. One of his businesses, W&W Towing, has been featured on AMC’s hit show “Hustle & Tow.” Walker is a big believer in giving back to his community and helping families in the Chicagoland area and beyond. How have you managed to maintain your […]

Antione Design colors the luxury streetwear scene with Roy G Biv trucker hats

Antione Design emerged from the “luxury sportswear” scene in Atlanta as a creative, street-smart fashion designer who successfully crossed over from his Southern origins to a global fashion platform. During his career, Antione has designed for some of the biggest artists in the music industry, advancing him to the forefront of the streetwear movement in […]

U.S. Bank provides $450K to Russell Innovation Center for Entrepreneurs

ATLANTA (May 3, 2021) — U.S. Bank is providing a three-year, $450,000 investment in the Russell Innovation Center for Entrepreneurs (RICE), an Atlanta-based organization dedicated to empowering Black entrepreneurs and small business owners. RICE is the largest business incubation hub in the United States dedicated exclusively to developing Black entrepreneurs. In addition to the grant, U.S. Bank employees will provide education and inspiration to emerging entrepreneurs who are seeking counsel in the areas of finance, […]

Black-owned tech company creates ‘smart locker’ for no-contact food pickup

While the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the United States currently hovers around 26.2 million and is expected to increase, many small businesses continue to experience interruptions due to local mandates. In 2019, Rea Huntley, James Bagley and Marcus Gunn started Lavii Inc., a Temple Hills, Maryland-based company that provides affordable technology solutions […]

Mom goes viral for gifting her teen son a whole barbershop in backyard (video)

Footage of a mother’s unique Christmas gift to her son is going viral on social media. On Wednesday, Dec. 16, Black Culture Entertainment began circulating a viral Facebook video that captured the mother surprising her 16-year-old son with a home-based business: his own brand new barbershop in their backyard. The video begins with the teen […]

Cynthia Bailey believes authenticity is her key to remaining balanced

While the world slows down as 2020 draws to a close, Cynthia Bailey is ending the year with a bang. The successful supermodel, entrepreneur and reality TV star recently inked a deal with Seagram’s, pulled off a fabulous wedding ceremony during the pandemic and celebrated the return of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Bailey […]

Pharrell Williams and Jay-Z celebrate Black entrepreneurs on new single (video)

Pharrell Williams and Jay-Z have dropped a new collaboration in honor of “every Black queen, king and entrepreneur.” The “Happy” hitmaker’s group The Neptunes produced the track titled “Entrepreneur,” which comes with a powerful music video. Pharrell tweeted: “ENTREPRENEUR out now. Thank you to Jay (@S_C_), and to every Black queen, king and entrepreneur who […]

Nate Yohannes says Microsoft is actively recruiting diverse talent

Nate Yohannes is the product leader of artificial intelligence and mixed reality engineering at Microsoft. After a stint with the Obama administration on the Broadband Opportunity Council and SBA’s Office of Investment and Innovation developing policies to improve the U.S. government investments in technology, Yohannes entered the private sector serving as an executive adviser on […]

Digital mentoring with Christopher King of We Are Marcus

Christopher King is the founder of We Are Marcus (WAM), an education technology venture that creates scalable character analytics for students of color to affect suspension rates and substance abuse disorders.   We spoke with King about the importance of education technology for creating opportunities for Black kids. What is We Are Marcus and what is […]

BlocPower CEO Donnel Baird creating clean energy in the inner city

Donnel Baird is the CEO of BlocPower, a proptech startup that is greening American cities by helping residential building owners modernize their heating and cooling units. Using renewable energy and smart monitoring tools, BlocPower is creating better health and environmental outcomes for the inner city. We caught up with Baird to talk about the need […]