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Blue Ivy Photos

Beyoncé shares new photos of Blue Ivy

Beyoncé’s Blue Ivy photos  Beyoncé is sharing new photos of her daughter on Tumblr.  After performing during DirecTV’s SUPER Saturday Night Party, Bey apparently lounged around

Beyoncé shares new pics on her blog

Beyoncé shares personal pictures of Blue Ivy and her husband Jay Z on her personal blog. Check out their photos in the gallery. -Joi Pearson

Beyoncé’s latest Tumblr photos

Beyoncé’s Tumblr photos Beyoncé is once again updating her Tumblr with family photos. In the latest string, Baddie Bey shows her husband Jay Z holding Blue

Beyoncé updates her Tumblr

Beyoncé’s latest Tumblr photos  Beyoncé is once again updating her Tumblr, this time with photos of her daughter, Blue Ivy. In the singer’s latest photos, baby

Beyoncé and Blue Ivy spotted in Australia

Beyoncé and Blue Ivy’s latest photos While continuing on her world tour Beyoncé has been spotted overseas with her baby girl. The singer, 32, was spotted

Beyoncé travels to Ibiza with Blue Ivy

Blue Ivy and Beyoncé spotted in Ibiza A singing superstar was spotted in Spain this weekend after headlining her husband’s annual music festival. Beyoncé, 31, was

Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Blue Ivy spotted in Miami

Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Blue Ivy photographed in Miami Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Blue Ivy were spotted in the south Florida city enjoying a lunch date. The Carters looked stylish with

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