Amber Rose says she has been ‘bullied’ by Kanye West for 10 years

37-year-old model Amber Rose — who previously dated Kanye West, has claimed she is still being talked about by the rapper, despite the fact it’s been over a decade since they were together and she has branded him a “narcissist.” She said: “He has picked on me, he has bullied me for 10 years … […]

Keaton Jones update: His daddy has issues with Black folk also

The tale of Keaton Jones, 11, and his plea against school bullies took another turn towards strange as more info comes out about his parents. Within the past week, it was learned that Keaton was actually bullying a Black student by calling him the n-word and other students began defending the bullied student. Apparently, the […]

Did America just get scammed by Keaton Jones and his mom for $57K?

The story of Keaton Jones keeps getting stranger and at least $57K is in the balance. Keaton became a viral internet star as 2017 comes to a close because of a tearful video that was made of him crying after being bullied. Since the video went viral, a host of celebrities offered support for Keaton and […]

Heartbreaking Facebook video of bullied girl Nasir Andrews goes viral

Nasir Andrews, 9, lives in Bellevue, Washington and like thousands of kids across America, she was being bullied.  Her tormentors would not only call her racist names but also were physically violent at Ardmore Elementary School. In a series of Facebook posts by her mother, Chantey Andrews, it was revealed that Nasir was kicked, punched […]

Hope Global Forums: How bullying made Jaden Joiner a CEO

Hope Global Forums 2017 allows vendors to display their goods and expose their brand to an international group of potential customers. Jaden Joiner is the CEO of J Star Sparks Change. He started his company because of being bullied over a speech impediment. [jwplatform EO1t2jZr]

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