Nasir Andrews, 9, tells her story about being bullied (Photo Source: Facebook/Chantey Andrews screenshot)

Nasir Andrews, 9, lives in Bellevue, Washington and like thousands of kids across America, she was being bullied.  Her tormentors would not only call her racist names but also were physically violent at Ardmore Elementary School.

In a series of Facebook posts by her mother, Chantey Andrews, it was revealed that Nasir was kicked, punched in the face and choked at school. Nasir decided to share her ordeal in a touching video using flash cards and so far the video has been viewed on Facebook more than 800K times and touched the hearts of many. Parents have posted messages of support for Nasir and the Andrews family as they call attention to the battle with school administrators to address the issue of bullying. According to an interview given on KIRO-7 News, the family stated that the district did investigate and said in most instances it was categorized as “unfortunate peer to peer interaction.”

Travis Andrews, Nasir’s father, stated to media, “I wish they would have paid more attention to the bigger picture. I think a lot of the incidents were taken individually and handled individually and if it was more of a broader picture, and they were able to connect more of the dots, we would have probably stopped this earlier in the year.”

See the video below.

NEVER imagined being on the other side of the camera for this. As a parent, I am hurt that my child is bullied and harassed at school. Please watch, share and change! #backdownbully #justicefornasir

Posted by Chantey Andrews on Thursday, June 15, 2017

Mo Barnes

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  • Jason

    It is a shame that we have so many little shits raising little shits. These kids are reflecting what they have as examples at home.

    • Jason

      Im jason too and ill be your friend

  • tellthetruth

    Mom please find another school for your daughter to go to. I know it might be hard as far as expenses go, but please get her out of there.
    She is getting emotionally hurt. She is simply experiencing the trump effect.

  • Mason Youngblood

    She is a beautiful little girl and she seems to be very smart as well. Unfortunately, there are other little kids who are raised in overly negative households who don’t feel good about themselves. So they resort to ganging up on those children who seem to have the life that they would like to have. These little bullies are plagued with envy, jealousy, wrath..all kinds of deadly sins..all because home training is nonexistent and home life is a living hell because of incompetent parents.

  • La-Chanda Sexclibra Smith

    So who are these bad little rats that are bothering her?

  • Brenda Childs

    Get your beautiful amazing smart baby out of there..Im somsorry for this baby girl..NASIR..YOU ARE AMAZING..I LOVE YOU..BRENDA CHILDS,,

  • R Shrod

    Where in the hell are the teachers, administrators, office workers, PRINCIPAL?? Do they just turn these disgusting heathens out and let them fight their own battles? This is my child and your child, my granddaughter and your granddaughter, my sister and your sister. Pathetic excuses of those “in charge.”
    “unable to reach the Bellevue School District for comment, but they told local radio station in a statement: ‘We are saddened by the experience shared in the Facebook video you referenced. We are very concerned about the well-being of all of our students. We can assure you that district and central office leaders continue to work with the family to ensure that their daughter and every student at Ardmore is receiving the support they need. The harassment, intimidation, and bullying of any student is unacceptable. In the case you referenced, an investigation into the allegations has been in the process.’” Bullshit!