Steph Curry hilariously trolls Nate Robinson as viral challenge rages on

Nate Robinson says he is fine after suffering a devastating loss at the hands of Jake Paul Saturday night, Nov. 28, during a highly anticipated celebrity boxing match that had the attention of a plethora of NBA players, including two-time MVP, Steph Curry. The build-up to the fight was especially intense, as Robinson called out […]

Child killer George Zimmerman signs autographs at Florida gun show

Child murderer George Zimmerman signs autographs at gun show in Florida George Zimmerman is a shameless, unrepentant child killer who is doing all possible to milk the spotlight that his cold-blooded murder of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin accorded him. The reprobate signed autographs at a Florida gun show over the weekend as the featured guest of the […]

Promoter cancels controversial Zimmerman vs. DMX celebrity boxing match

Hold the presses! After much consideration (and accusations that the fight was going to be fixed) boxing promoter Damon Feldman has had a change of heart and cancelled the boxing match between George Zimmerman and rapper DMX, which was to take place in March of this year. Yesterday evening he tweeted: “All you people are […]

The George Zimmerman-DMX boxing match will be fixed

The millions of people whose blood pressure rose regarding the George Zimmerman-DMX “celebrity” boxing match should relax themselves now. The so-called three-round fight will be a hoax. Yes, the fight will be fixed with promoter Damon Feldman as the producer of this national fraud of a boxing match. Feldman is joining forces with George Zimmerman […]

George Zimmerman agrees to fight DMX in celebrity boxing match

In a cruel and hideous twist of irony, the same day many celebrate the birthday of murdered teen Trayvon Martin, his killer, George Zimmerman, has announced he has agreed to fight oft-troubled rapper DMX in a pay-per-view celebrity boxing match in March, the media has learned. Celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman says DMX was selected […]

George Zimmerman wants to beat up Kanye West in boxing match

He may be a coward, a liar, a woman beater, a bully and a murderer who managed to get off the hook because his one witness — Trayvon Martin — was conveniently killed in a gated community in central Florida. But there’s one thing we can say about the detestable reprobate George Zimmerman: he is […]

DMX also wants to fight George Zimmerman, says he’ll urinate on him

DMX says he’ll be sentenced to hard prison time if promoters allow him to step in a boxing ring with George Zimmerman. That’s because he’d break every boxing rule in the book, then urinate on his face. The rapper born Earl Simmons, 43, quickly threw his name in the mix, along with The Game and Lindsey Lohan’s […]

George Zimmerman backs out of boxing match when The Game steps up

The Game could already envision himself peeling back George Zimmeran’s scalp. But it looks like the menacing West Coast rapper won’t get the chance to dislodge the gun-toting watch captain from his limbs. Thursday it was announced that Trayvon Martin’s “murderer” George Zimmerman was willing to fight anyone, including a black man, in a “celebrity” […]