Kriss Kross’ Chris Kelly’s toxicology report in

A toxicology report confirmed that 90’s rap sensation Chris Kelly, 34, died on May 1 of a drug overdose. An investigator from the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office said a toxicology screening found that Kelly died from a fatal mixture of drugs. Many suspected a combination of heroin and cocaine, the street name: speedballing.

Chris Kelly’s celebration of life at Aurum Lounge

On Monday, May 20, DJ Nabs, Mike Mauldin, Latoya Wise, Shanti Das, Eboni Elektra and Chris Smith came together to celebrate the life of Chris Kelly.  This was a group of of people who knew Chris Kelly as more than just a rapper. Kelly’s family and true friends had a great time celebrating his life. RIP Chris […]

Celebrating of life Chris Kelly at Aurum Lounge

Please join the friends and family of Chris Kelly celebrate his life tonight -Monday, May 20, 2013 at Aurum Lounge. Hosted by Mike Mauldin, Latoya Wise, Shanti Das,  Eboni Elektra, Jermaine Dupri, and Chris Smith. Music and Visuals by Nabs.

Chris Kelly and the best celebrity Instagram photos of the week

Multi-platinum rapper, Da Brat reached back into the golden era of hip-hop and pulled out a photo from the early 1990s when she, Jermaine Dupri and Kris Kross injected strong Southern sensibilities into game that countered the West Coast G-funk and gangsta rap that dominated the airwaves. Da Brat paid homage to Chris Kelly (lower […]

Chris Kelly’s last video and 911 call released

As allegations fly that Kriss Kross rapper Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly’s tragic death was caused by a drug overdose, TMZ recently released the last recorded video of Kelly, which shows the rapper seemingly inebriated as he stumbles through a rap song. According to sources, the video was recorded around 7 a.m. on May 1, the […]

DJ Nabs discusses life with Kris Kross and the untimely death of Chris Kelly

DJ Nabs made history as the main DJ for Kris Kross. In 1992, Kris Kross and DJ Nabs became the first and only hip-hop acts to ever tour with Michael Jackson. They were the opening performers on Jackson’s historical “Dangerous Tour.” Over the years, DJ Nabs and Kris Kross grew apart professionally, but they all […]

Chris Kelly and rappers who died from a drug overdose

Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly’s death his still hanging over the Hip-Hop community, and many are questioning what caused the death of the beloved Kriss Kross emcee. Though an autopsy has been completed, the definitive cause of death is still pending until a toxicology report is completed. However, Kelly’s mother, Donna Kelly Pratt told investigators that her son has an […]

Who is Chris? Celebrities named Chris

Chris ‘Mac Daddy’ Kelly Who is Chris? This question has many people wondering which Chris is which.  Each Chris is making waves, so in order to help out, here is a list of some Chrises you need to know. Chris Kelly was a member of Kris Kross.  He died Wednesday at the age of 34 […]

Kris Kross’ Chris Kelly and child celebrities who died too young

Kris Kross’ Chris Kelly passed away in his home from unknown causes at age 34. We’ve heard the stories of financial challenges and medical problems that he endured in the ensuing years after the duo reached the top of the charts with “Jump.” Unfortunately, the tragic stories of child stars who were unable to transition […]

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