Le Mont Lee counsels Black children through the pandemic

Serving in various roles as mentor, counselor, teacher, and therapist, Le Mont Lee has worked with disadvantaged youth for over 20 years. He earned his Ph.D. in 2016 from the School of Psychology at Fordham University. Lee worked at the Upward Bound Program and served as a tutor and co-facilitator for creative writing workshops for […]

Principal apologizes after 5th grader was asked to portray a slave in class

A Washington D.C. principal has apologized on behalf of her school and a social studies teacher who asked one student to portray a slave and another to drink from a segregated water fountain in class. According to NBC News, the annual assignment is designed to address the harsh realities of this country’s past, but it […]

Viral handshake teacher Barry White Jr. talks connecting with students

Barry White Jr. is a fifth-grade educator at Ashley Park PreK-8 School in Charlotte, North Carolina. He recently received praise after a video of him doing personalized handshakes with his 60 students went viral. With every twist and turn, White makes it his mission to have a personal connection with each student as he/she enters his classroom. […]

From the classroom to CEO: Meet Zakia Blain

Every unappreciated, underpaid teacher’s dream is to walk away from the grip of the classroom and grow a business. Whether you are physically in the classroom each day or not, you’ll always be an educator at heart and have a strong skill set to take into other endeavors. A prime example of how to use […]

Minority teachers abandon classrooms

Minorities are significantly underrepresented in public schools, despite the fact that the number of black and Latino students have increased. A new report from the Center for American Progress, in Washington, D.C., titled, “The Leaky Pipeline for Teachers of Color: Getting More Teachers of Color Into the Classroom,” revealed that while much has been done […]

Black Students Grow and Win When No Child Is Left Behind

What happens when a teacher decides that she wants to make sure that no child is truly left behind? You get students who would have slipped through the cracks suddenly transforming into winners. In this case, Midway Elementary School technology and math teacher Victoria Williams worked with two of the most unlikely achievers. One student […]