How KombDev founder Anthony McDaniel is helping those in need of tech services

Anthony McDaniel is the founder of KombDev, which was created to help those in need of computer and tech services. He’s also the creator of Nosh, a meal prep system, and author of the book Blind Spot which is an informative read on smartphone and computer security. McDaniel talks to rolling out about how he got […]

5 ways to speed up your computer

Tired of your computer’s slow performance speed? Well before  you grab your keys and wallet to go buy a new computer, there are a few easy and cheaper ways to resolve the issue. Most slower computer speeds are simply due to a lack of free space on your disk. Check out these suggestions to get […]

Atlanta Housing Authority Connects Seniors to Loved Ones Through New Technology

Although we live in the information age, the digital divide is very real. At times, it is easy to forget that many do not have the finances to afford computers, computer software nor do they have the necessary training to use these devices and the Internet effectively. Furthermore, some, especially our seniors and elderly, are […]