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How KombDev founder Anthony McDaniel is helping those in need of tech services

How KombDev founder Anthony McDaniel is helping those in need of tech services
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Anthony McDaniel is the founder of KombDev, which was created to help those in need of computer and tech services. He’s also the creator of Nosh, a meal prep system, and author of the book Blind Spot which is an informative read on smartphone and computer security.

McDaniel talks to rolling out about how he got into technology and the creation of his tech service KombDev.

When did you decide on a future in technology?

When I was younger, my grandfather bought my older sister a computer. It was one of those cream-colored desktop computers with a huge monitor. I remember we didn’t have the internet at the time, but she would type documents for school. One day it broke, and nobody in the house knew how to fix it. I remember I was in middle school at this age, and they had computers there. So, I started googling questions like ‘what does this error code mean, how do I resolve it, and how do I fix it?’ At that age back then I was just getting started … I never could fix the computer, so it went in the garbage. But that’s where it all started. From there I was saving up money to buy my first computer, and helping other people with their computer problems. Over time it just started to evolve.

How did you create KombDev?

Straight out of high school, I was working with the Philadelphia School District, and they hired me to do some work around the district, being a computer technician. I wanted to have more freedom to support my clients without a rigid structure, so if somebody needed a computer fixed, I had the tools and delivered like a white-glove service so that way their issue was not only fixed, but they knew what the problem was, and they knew how to prevent it in the future. I tried to create a service where I was their IT guy, but I’m not just an IT guy. I’m like your neighbor. I’m the guy that you can call up and I’ll be like, ‘I can come over and fix your issue.’

Why is it important to have a strong connection with your clients?

I try to give them a good experience, and I like to call it a white-glove service from start to finish. From the initial call to the survey [to when] I leave. It’s all about the experience with me. People can be the best at their job, but if my client isn’t having the best experience with me fixing their issue, or I’m rushing them, or I’m trying to do this and that, then no. This is what sets KombDev apart from a lot of these other services.

Where can people find you?

You can find us on Instagram @kombdev, and our website is On there, you’ll find my consulting.

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