Nikki Paige tackles the complexities of love and relationships

Nikki Paige understands that the complexities of love can be mind-boggling. The singer-songwriter suffered from years of bad relationships and fell into a deep depression. Paige eventually walked away from the dating and partying scene to discover that true love can only be achieved with self-love first.  “I still have little elements of that inside […]

Best Instagram moments from Michael B. Jordan’s cover shoot with ‘rolling out’

Michael B. Jordan portrays the real-life character, Oscar Grant, in the new film Fruitvale Station. The film details Grant’s life before he was murdered by an overzealous police officer. Jordan sat down with rolling out to discuss his new film, the correlations between Oscar Grant and Trayvon Martin, and how Fruitvale Station will impact generations […]

Keyshia Cole on love, new music and respect for Beyoncé and Jay-Z

Pain and heartbreak were often key motivators early on in Keyshia Cole’s music career. The pain of disappointment and lost love was apparent on songs like “I  Should Have Cheated,” “I Remember” and “Shoulda Let You Go.” Cole’s art imitated her troubled life and her fans appreciated her for expressing those stories through music. Personally, […]

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