Exa Whiteman, AVP at AT&T, discusses cybersecurity and leadership

Exa Whiteman is the assistant vice president of AT&T’s Global Cybersecurity Services, which is responsible for identifying, deterring, and mitigating the damage of cyber-attacks and interruptions to AT&T business customers. She received her master of business administration (MBA) in corporate finance from the University of Dallas and a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University […]

Atlanta hit with cyber attack, Bitcoin ransom demanded

If you live in the city of Atlanta, you are waking up to the knowledge that the city was a victim of a sophisticated cyber attack. The FBI and Department of Homeland Security are in the city trying to track down the nature of the intrusion and the extent of the cyber attack that was […]

President Obama to punish North Korea over Sony hack

Looks like President Obama is done playing with North Korea. It is being reported that POTUS has signed an executive order to put into effect new sanctions against North Korea after the cyber attack on Sony last month. In the order, the President accuses North Korea of “destructive, coercive cyber-related actions during November and December,” and […]

Russian teen behind Target data breach;Accessed 110 million credit card numbers

You’ve got to be kidding. A 17 year old is responsible for creating the software that hacked into Target’s database. It’s the second largest credit breach in American history and an underage, wet behind the ears hacker is responsible? Sergey Taraspov is the suspected criminal who developed the software that accessed Target’s 40,000 point of […]