Award-winning publicist Rachel Green talks leadership and teamwork

As CEO of A Brand Called U, Rachel Green has cultivated her passion for public relations and brand management into a multifaceted, award-winning business that operates successfully in highly competitive arenas such as sports, lifestyle, tech and nonprofit. Please describe your leadership style As a leader, I provide opportunities for growth, lay out clear objectives, […]

Daily affirmations: 7 days of motivation

When making affirmations, we assume a new attitude. We take actionable steps to grow and renew ourselves from the inside out by finding prizes to read, increasing our vocabulary, and seeking to understand and love more. Here, I am sharing daily affirmations that I have crafted and abide by. Monday – I can be my best […]

Sean Diddy Combs’ motivational quotes on Instagram

Sean Diddy Combs has had a very successful life and a very fulfilling music career. Giving the commencement speech recently at his Alma Mater, Howard University, Combs is always encouraging people to work hard, stay positive and often uses the phrase ‘Let’s get it!’ AboveCombs quoted, “Don’t smile because you should, smile because you can #morningmotivation“ Posting on his […]

Tyrese’s daily motivation on Instagram

Tyrese Gibson, is an actor, singer and author who also strives to motivate and push people to be their best. Scrolling through his Instagram feed, you will find awesome photos of Gibson on a movie set, with his daughter, and with other celeb friends. About once a week, he showers followers with a motivational message […]