Savory holiday side dishes and desserts

The holidays are all about spending time with family and friends, yet it’s easy to find yourself in the kitchen for hours prepping for a festive holiday meal instead of enjoying the occasion. The secret to spending less time in the kitchen? Make a few smart shortcuts for a memorable meal and dessert that will […]

Down home recipes with Pat Neely: Festive chocolate peppermint brownies

Celebrity chef, restaurateur and barbeque king, Pat Neely, shares his recipe for festive chocolate peppermint brownies: “One of the great things that I love about partnering and working with Family Dollar is the fact that not only can you go get fantastic products and they’re convenient and the value is there, but they also have […]

Top 5 best dessert restaurants in Chicago

Brioche rich baked custard pudding, dark & milk chocolate layered mousse, hazelnut biscuit, praline and mousseline cream … don’t these items sound absolutely delicious? Let’s face it, desserts are the best part of a meal. There’s nothing like a sweet concoction of rich chocolate, honey, sugar and mousse wrapped in one dessert to satisfy your […]

New diet plan: ‘Instagram Diet’ helps curb appetite

If you have an Instagram account,  then chances are you have come across photos of food- lots of them. From celebrities to everyday friends, people love to eat and share the foods they eat with the world whether they are healthy or something that totally grosses you out. The “popular page” is sure to always […]

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