New diet plan: ‘Instagram Diet’ helps curb appetite


If you have an Instagram account,  then chances are you have come across photos of food- lots of them.

From celebrities to everyday friends, people love to eat and share the foods they eat with the world whether they are healthy or something that totally grosses you out. The “popular page” is sure to always have some type of food dish featured that catches the attention of users.

Well thanks to a new study conducted by Brigham & Young University, just  looking at pictures of a certain food on Instagram or Pinterest can actually curb your appetite from a variety of foods.

During the study, marketing professors at Brigham Young asked 232 people to look at and rate pictures of food. Half of the participants looked a pictures of sweet food such as cakes and pastries and the other half at pictures of salty food like pretzels and chips. Both groups were then asked to have a salty food snack. Those who had looked at pictures of salty food enjoyed their snack less.

Dietician Keri Glassman claims, “It is absolutely possible, looking at too much or even a lot of a specific type of a food can decrease your desire for that food.”

Of course, seeing food on social media sites will affect everyone differently. While some people say it makes them less hungry, others agree the pictures turn on their hunger signals and make them want to eat.

The “Instagram Diet” isn’t the only weird diet. Click here to check out other fad diets.

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