International recording artist Matt B still calls Chicago home

For homegrown talent Matt B returning to Chicago has been a journey that has come full circle. The international performing artist is celebrating the North American EP debut release of “Eden.” This body of work represents his roots and his love of music. Each song showcases his artistic versatility and vocal range and honesty in […]

Vidal Sassoon disinherits black adopted son from his $130 million fortune

It’s no doubt Vidal Sassoon loved his son David, 41, whom he adopted in 1975 when the boy was three-years-old. David, of African American and Asian descent, was disinherited from the hair mogul’s $130 million fortune along with his dad’s three ex-wives (Elaine Nations, Beverly Sassoon and Jeanette Sassoon), saying they shall “take nothing.” Sassoon […]

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